Know the best review sites and their features and relevance for your business.

Did you know that 70% of consumers browse multiple business review sites when choosing a local business?

Online reviews have a strong influence on what businesses customers decide on. Whether you are a small business, a start-up, or a top-tier company, you are bound to benefit from having an active presence on review websites.

Where should you list your businesses to ensure consistent growth? Multiple online review sites are active, so you need to invest your time in the right platforms to produce effective results. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best review sites for different industries. Explore this resource to understand different features, rating scales, and their relevance for your company.

Top 25 online review and customer feedback sites

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is the single-most crucial review and listing tool for every company, regardless of industry. According to HubSpot, Google dominates the web by controlling 92% of the search engine market share worldwide. It isn’t surprising that almost 64% of consumers browse Google reviews (through Google Maps and Search) before visiting a business location.

Google My Business' front page.

Google review listing works best for local SEO results. Also, an optimized review listing influences about 10% of Google’s search algorithm. The more positive reviews you have, the higher your SERP rankings go, increasing your brand visibility. 

By listing your account, you can display the business information, such as map location, contact information, open hours, rush hours, website details, photos, videos, and more. You can track reviews, set alerts, and respond to reviews.

2. Yelp

Yelp is one of the most well known online directories that solely focus on customer reviews. It was initially a restaurant review platform but gradually expanded into other industries. Today, the platform has on average 92 million unique mobile users per month. Before visiting a local business, 45% of people are likely to check Yelp reviews. 

Screenshot of Yelp's website.

The platform is home to tight-knit communities where users can provide detailed feedback on your business. It’s a user-friendly platform, making it easy for consumers to leave reviews

It provides a comprehensive dashboard for companies that includes recent activity, Yelp ads, page upgrades, reviews, photos and videos, nearby jobs, check-in offers, and more. You can also share individual reviews over social media or embed them on your website. 

3. Facebook

Facebook was initially designed as a social media networking site. However, Facebook has become an incessantly popular marketing tool among businesses. The platform provides its 2.9 billion monthly active users a variety of essential services, including reviews (also called recommendations). 

Image showing Facebook

The social media platform does not function on a rating scale. Instead, it asks users, “Do you recommend this business?” They can say “Yes” or “No” and write a review with photos or videos. They can even tag the business if they want. You can then respond to the review publicly or privately. 

Facebook provides every business page a rating based on reviews and recommendations. Your competitors’ performance also affects your score.

4. Glassdoor – for employee reviews

Glassdoor is an employee review site that measures qualitative aspects of a company. The platform allows former and current employees to anonymously review companies, view salaries, and apply for jobs. It also helps prospective employees, prospective customers, and investors get an idea of what a company is like from the inside. Your products and services are not the deciding factors here; how you treat your employees is what matters. 

Image showing Glassdoor's website

The platform helps your organization attract employees and customers, retain employees, and outperform competitors in the marketplace. You can create an employer account for free and track and respond to reviews. 

Glassdoor screens and verifies all reviews to ensure they are honest and adds ratings to profiles based on user-generated reviews. 

5. TripAdvisor – for tourists

TripAdvisor is one of the world’s most popular travel sites to find accommodations, restaurants, airlines, cruises, and more. With more than 8.7 million accommodation listings and more than 1 billion user reviews, the platform makes exploring a new place easy for travelers. The website is also translated into 28 languages. 

Tripadvisor image

A business listing on TripAdvisor allows you to respond to reviews, answer traveler questions, and manage photos and listing details. You can also see key metrics and performance indicators using tools to analyze your business ratings. 

To optimize your TripAdvisor business listing and be on top of its popularity index, you need to take care of three key components: quantity, quality, and recency of reviews. Also, if you leave a page unattended, your ranking on the index will drop. 

6. Avvo – for attorneys

Avvo is an online lawyer directory and a legal marketplace that receives over 8 million visits every month. The platform connects qualified attorneys with clients in the market for their services, and clients can review and rate attorneys.


Avvo doesn’t require you to create an account to appear on its site. According to LawRank, Avvo lists 97% of attorneys in the U.S. on the platform and populates its site using public information obtained from the state bar association. However, you need to optimize your profile if you want clients to choose you over your competitors. 

Along with client reviews, Avvo has a rating system that gives you a numerical rating on a scale of 1-10. Your work experience, awards, and legal associations are the prime ranking factors. Avvo also encourages attorneys to request reviews from clients. 

7. The Knot – for wedding planners

The Knot is a wedding planner review site that provides couples with all the information, tools, and support they need to plan the wedding of their dreams. Be it reviews, photos, price, or other factors, it provides couples with important information they need to evaluate wedding vendors. 

The Knot screenshot

One of The Knot’s most unique characteristics is that vendors can’t list themselves on this platform without permission. Reviews refer a vendor to the platform, and The Knot reaches out to them. Vendors can then fill in the necessary information about their company and respond to the reviews publicly. They can also share the review on various social media platforms and their website. 

8. Indeed – for employees

Indeed is a job search engine where recruiters and job seekers can connect. Indeed has quickly become the world’s No. 1 platform for employment and helps in matching the perfect employer with the perfect candidate. The platform also provides employee prospects with reviews for the company they’re applying to. With over 100 million CVs and 200 million people in 60-plus countries visiting the website every month, Indeed can provide you access to talent in every field of work.

Screenshot showing Indeed.

The platform allows you to create a free employer account and post a job. You can add all the job information — including the job title, location, company, salary, job description, required skill and qualifications, and more. 

Indeed provides you a chance to enhance your employer brand, showcase your culture, and be transparent about your company.

9. WeddingWire – for wedding vendors

WeddingWire is a wedding vendor site, just like The Knot. The site lists over 250,000 wedding professionals, who may not be as well known as ones on The Knot but focus on delivering quality services. 

Screenshot showing WeddingWire.

The platform provides five listing options to vendors — lite, standard, professional, featured ad, and spotlight. While “lite” allows you a free listing with basic features, the other profile options provide paid, advanced features. 

To stand out from competition on WeddingWire, think outside the box. Use keyword-rich descriptions and high-quality images. The platform ranks your site based on average rating, number of ratings, vendor name, and featured ads. 

10. G2 – for SaaS companies

If you are a company that sells software, you need to have a presence on G2. It is one of the world’s largest tech marketplaces and peer-to-peer review sites that aggregates user reviews for business software. The platform solves a high-value problem for companies and helps them decide which websites are a good fit for their business. More than 60 million users browse G2 every year to make better purchasing decisions with the help of 1.7 million user reviews.

G2's website.

G2 allows companies to invite their existing customers to write a review. The customers rate a company on a five-star scale and cover specific factors, such as setup, ease of use, security, and support. Also, they can upvote or downvote other reviews. 

The site also provides a platform called G2 Track, where companies can track and manage SaaS spending, usage, contracts, and compliance. 

11. Zocdoc – for medical professionals

Zocdoc is an online medical care booking service that covers 40% of the U.S. population across 2,000-plus cities. It is a major platform for health care practices looking to attract patients. The founder of the Zocdoc belongs to a 300-year-old ancestry of doctors. Being an industry insider, he understands the profession at a level that other providers may not. With its patient-centric model, Zocdoc provides health care practices the opportunities for patients to easily discover them.

Zocdoc's website.

There’s a good chance Zocdoc already has an unclaimed profile of your health care practice. To claim the profile, you need to join the platform and pay the listing and booking price. A representative then lets you know whether Zocdoc approved your request.

12. TestFreaks – for product reviews

TestFreaks is one of the most trusted product review platforms that work with an exclusive group of large retailers, e-commerce sites, and global consumer brands. When you get to know what your customers honestly think about your products, you get a scope of improvement to enhance the customer experience. TestFreaks helps you grow faster with the help of your customers and their over 100 million reviews

Testfreaks' website.

Along with reviews, you can collect Q&A and other content from your customers, which helps users make decisions quicker. 

13. RepairPal – for auto repair businesses

RepairPal is an online auto repair platform that helps consumers find trustworthy auto repair shops in their area. This niche review platform functions as a referral service, attracting a sophisticated audience. 

RepairPal's website.

RepairPal is not an open-for-all general platform. It maintains a carefully curated list of providers to maintain its credibility. For RepairPal to list you, you need to apply and get accepted. A team of ASE-certified technicians evaluates your company to verify its competency. It also requires a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty on its repairs (at a minimum). Once you are in, it sends customers your way.

Member companies have to follow stringent quality standards to establish their presence on RepairPal.

14. Zillow – for real estate agents

Zillow is one of the leading real estate marketplaces in America and an online real estate database company. Zillow attracts on average 36 million unique visitors per month, who make proprietary decisions. Zillow captures 29% of the U.S. real estate website traffic, making it a vital platform for real estate agents.

Zillow's website.

You need to create a business profile for consumers to rate and review you on Zillow. You can list your recent sales, listings, professional bio, service areas, photos, and videos on your profile. Zillow also allows you to request reviews from clients. 

The platform provides advanced features, such as lead segmentation, lead routing, lead reporting, and lead forwarding. You can also create, save, and send email templates to respond to common questions, comments, and concerns on Zillow. 

15. Yellow Pages – for local businesses

Yellow Pages was initially developed as a business directory listed in alphabetical order. It swiftly adapted to the internet in 2013 and now covers millions of companies and thousands of industries online. In March 2022, 19 million people visited YP, making it a desirable platform for businesses to gain brand awareness and traffic. Moreover, YP has a partnership with the Better Business Bureau, which provides a significant lift to both platforms.Like Google, YP has loyal users who search for reviews directly in a search bar. Your business is most likely listed on the platform. To claim it, you need to pay a fee to the platform, which could be a worthwhile investment.

Yellow Pages' website.

16. Trustpilot – for all kinds of companies

Trustpilot is a community-driven consumer review platform that claims to be a one-stop shop for online reviews. It has over 500,000 websites rated with 136,000 reviews. You can also integrate Trustpilot with Shopify, Magento, and MailChimp.

Trustpilot's website.

The platform allows buyers and sellers to create accounts for free. It rates every website with its internal review system and has advanced SEO features that can help your website rank higher on SERPs.

As a seller, you can create a basic profile. However, you need to purchase the paid version if you want to create customizable review invitations, share ratings and reviews on social media, and link review data to your internal business systems. 

17. TrustRadius – for SaaS companies

TrustRadius is a software-rating platform that focuses primarily on SaaS companies. It places itself as a software-buying guide that helps buyers make better and faster decisions. If you want to introduce your product to over 1 million buyers, TrustRadius is one of the best platforms to use. 

Trustradius' website.

The platform authenticates all reviewers via its LinkedIn or work email addresses. However, users can post anonymous reviews by remaining unnamed to the general public. Vendors can invite their customers to review their company. 

You can claim your profile for free and build your product profile. To optimize your listing, add contact details, videos, photos, integrations, pricing, and other business information. You can also purchase a premium profile that provides advanced features like product and positioning insights, salesforce intent integration, and Chrome quote-finder extension. 

18. Better Business Bureau – for consumers

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization and probably the most well known consumer advocacy group in the world. It evaluates company operations against a set of “best practices” for how companies should treat customers. The platform is a government-sponsored organization and never endorses any companies, products, or services, displaying unbiased information. 

The Better Business Bureau's website.

The BBB has a stringent code of conduct regarding U.S. advertising and trade laws. However, following them is worth it, since the BBB can help you display a badge on your site to show customers your integrity. Customers can post a review for your business and rate it on a scale of one to five stars.

19. HomeAdvisor – for home services

HomeAdvisor is one of the largest digital marketplaces for home services. It specializes in reviewing various home services — be it plumbing, electricity, or any other utility service — and connects 45 million unique users to over 5 million reviews. You can create a listing on HomeAdvisor for your company or claim a listing the platform has already made. Provide detailed information on your services, service areas, facts, credentials, website, expertise, business overview, and more.

Homeadvisor's website.

Customers can post anonymous or public reviews to share feedback on a specific service provider. HomeAdvisor’s internal team tracks reviews to determine their authenticity and honesty. There is also a resolution process to solve customer complaints.

If you optimize your HomeAdvisor listing properly, it will appear in more Home Advisor site searches.

20. Angi – for local businesses

Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List, is a local business review site in the U.S. The platform focuses on U.S.-based service businesses and features listings for more than 720 different types of services. However, a few business industries are not allowed to list on Angi: lawyers, restaurants, large-utility companies, schools, hotels, and airlines. 

Angi's website.

If you want to list your service business on Angi, you can set it up for free. However, users need to have a membership. The site offers three membership options that include different features. Along with posting reviews, users can compare prices, book appointments, and find a provider.

Reviews use an A-F scale. If a customer has a bad experience and posts a negative review, Angi works with both the customer and the company to resolve the issue.

21. Caring.com – for care facilities

Caring.com is a care review site that helps millions of families nationwide select the right older adult care products and services for their loved ones. Both older adults and their family members can browse the site. The platform aims to make caregivers feel less alone and less stressed while helping them navigate many difficult care decisions. 

Example of a caring.com review.

According to the American Seniors Housing Association’s 2019 report, The State of Seniors Housing, the U.S. will need housing for 3 million older adults by 2040. As of June 2021, there were about 2 million units. These statistics support the prediction that there will soon be an influx of competitors in the market. Established care units must position themselves well in the online marketplace to dominate. 

To review a company on Caring.com, consumers need to have first-hand experience with the care facility. You can even get older adult living communities to provide you with a review via phone call or postcards. 

22. Capterra – for business software

Capterra lists itself as a platform that helps people make smart decisions about the digital tools that power their business. Since 1999, it has been one of the leading free online resources for business software help. With 800-plus software categories and 50,000-plus products, it has collected over 1.5 million validated reviews from customers. 

Example of a Capterra review.

To list your business on Capterra, fill out a form on Capterra to request a free basic listing. It will review your listing with all the business details. After Capterra approves it, it will send you an email with your account login details. You can then optimize your profile by completing all the business information. Capterra also allows you to request users to leave reviews for your business. You can embed the reviews on your site as social proof. 

23. Healthgrades – for doctors

Healthgrades says it is the leading review platform and online resource database of doctors, dentists, and hospitals. It has created more than 3 million U.S. physicians’ profiles based on information from government and commercially available services. If you’re a physician, you are probably listed there. You should claim these profiles because Healthgrades is a significant platform for patient-doctor connections. According to Healthgrades, 50% of Americans consult its site before seeing a doctor.

Healthgrades' website.

You can register your facility with your physical address, phone, fax, and directions on Healthgrades. Also, add your biography, specialties (e.g., family medicine, pediatrics, surgery), board certifications, education, and awards to the listing. Do not forget to include keywords to make yourself discoverable.

You can also request reviews from your patients. However, keep in mind to not endorse any specific products or pharmaceuticals.

24. ConsumerAffairs – for consumers

ConsumerAffairs is a for-profit consumer news and advocacy organization that reviews companies using an “overall satisfaction rating.” It provides the audience with resources and thousands of consumer reviews to help them make smarter buying decisions.

Consumeraffairs' website.

Your business listing page includes the consumer's star rating as well as a short explanation for its score. Consumers can review your business on a five-star scale. 

One of the most unique features of this platform is that it allows users to submit review recordings, which are two-minute videos where people talk about their experience with a brand. Video reviews attract more consumers to the platform, as reviewers express their genuine feelings about a business. 

25. Lawyers.com – for lawyers

Lawyers.com is a review site for lawyers that provides law firms access to their extensive network. As one of the top-ranking websites in the legal community, Lawyers.com can help you attract clients and generate leads. 

Lawyers.com's website.

To get listed on the site, you need to contact a legal marketing consultant from Lawyers.com. You will hear back from a representative in 24 hours with the listing availability and pricing details. After the listing, you must keep your profile optimized. You can include the firm name, photos, location, and contact information. There is also an option to purchase a premium account, which will rank your account higher in search results.

Lawyers.com is connected with Avvo and Nolo. Setting up a profile with any of the three will show a profile on the other two platforms. 

Limiting yourself to just one review site is not enough. However, you do not need to target every review site on this list. While all of these review sites are helpful, the best is the one that works for you. Optimize your company for the review listings that align best with your business and target audience.

Choose a handful of these review sites and experiment. Gradually, you will build a strong review portfolio that protects you from competitors, attracts customers, and establishes you as a market leader.

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