Most people expect film reviews, but what about the theaters that host them?

Having good customer reviews is more important than ever. Millennials, who are quickly taking over the market, rely on reviews more than their parents did and like to make purchases collaboratively (with input from friends, family and even strangers on the internet). According to a report from Barkley, nearly 40 percent of millennials base purchase decisions on online reviews and comments, versus just 25 percent of non-millennials.

 When a potential customer is searching online for where to see that new summer blockbuster, you want your theater to pop up as the best location, with rave reviews from past customers as proof.

But we’re a movie theater. How would people even review us?

As a movie theater, much of what you serve your customers is another company’s product (the movies). However, there are still many aspects of your theater that you control, which make or break a customer's movie-going experience.  

Since customers spend the majority of their time watching the film, you only have a few chances to show them how great your particular theater is. Here are three ways you can ensure your customers have a delightful movie experience – and then share their experiences online. 

  1. Provide superior in-person customer service.

These days, when so much is done online, the few in-person interactions your customers have with your brand are even more important. Deliver excellent customer service, and then make sure to provide an easy-to-find link or code where customers can share their experiences online. Include a sign near the ticket counter and the concession stand – the places people will think about their interactions and have a moment to write a review.

  1. Make cleanliness a priority.

The cleanliness of your theater is a key factor that potential customers will consider before choosing your business. After drinking so much movie theater soda, theatergoers are sure to want to use the restrooms. Keep bathrooms spotless – and then post a QR code on the walls to provide a convenient way for patrons to let you know how they feel about the cleanliness of the bathroom as well as the theater itself. We’ve all been to that theater where the floors were just a little too sticky for anyone's liking. If that sticky floor belongs to your theater, your customers will broadcast it online.

  1. Engage your audience.

Once your customers have purchased their popcorn, chosen the perfect seat and are eagerly waiting for the featured presentation to begin, it’s a great time to ask for a review. Before the previews start, use the screen time to provide a link for customer reviews. Patrons will be more likely to pull their phones out and kill some time. Additionally, have a QR code on the ticket stub that links customers to a review site, allowing them to easily share their experiences with the world once they are home. 

While there are plenty more ways to implement practices that encourage customer reviews for your movie theater, these suggestions are a good place to start. Managing your online reviews requires a great deal of time and energy. ReviewMaxer is an easy and effective way to improve your online reputation. Watch this free demonstration today to see how ReviewMaxer software works. ReviewMaxer provides simple links and QR codes that you can use to gain more positive online reviews and address the negative reviews on a personal level. You can resolve issues one on one before customers post publicly about their negative experiences, so you can keep your business’s reputation intact.

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Written by: Macey Wilson

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