Manage your online reviews consistently to reach your target audience with ease.

Monitoring your company’s reviews can largely impact your revenues. The way you engage with your prospective customers online indicates your brand’s services. More often than not, your online brand image attracts new customers while helping retain existing ones. 

When we talk about managing your online reviews, frequency tends to play a vital role. The time you take to respond back to the feedback and how you do it can either make or break your brand’s online reputation. 

So before discussing the frequency, let’s dive into review management and feedback. 

How to manage your online reviews

Here are some of the most sought-after ways to monitor and manage your online reviews:

  1. Never respond to the review impulsively regardless of what it says. Whether it is complaining feedback or an appreciation post, take some time and reply back in a personalized manner.\
  2. Keep track of your reviews and identify any suspicious review activity you come across. Fake or bot reviews are likely to alert search engines, negatively impacting your online ranking.
  3. Enable the user to leave a review in a way that is easy for them. It could be SMS, email, or a dedicated landing page. You must gather feedback from your customers to know how to improve.

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Frequency of managing your reviews

Although there is no set time frame provided in the guidelines for managing your online reviews, doing the job on a consistent basis often yields better results. Not responding to comments for days gives a wrong message to people and makes you appear unreliable. 

You must draft a rhythm to manage your reviews based on the priority of your tasks. Driving insights from your performance can be a weekly or fortnightly activity, but checking your reviews should be done on a daily basis. 

The data-driven approach also helps analyze your reports and draw patterns to further improve your product or services. Turn to ReviewMaxer and download our free review management checklist to get started on your journey today!

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