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Trustpilot is a Danish consumer review website that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. It posts nearly 1 million new reviews each month.

Why is it important to get good reviews on Trustpilot? Well, let’s take a look at what it’s made headlines for recently. Trustpilot is surging in its stock market debut. It’s raised a total of $655 million through the sale of 161 million shares, all by the company’s existing shareholders. 

Trustpilot is part of the few online-services companies that have seen their businesses expand because of pandemic lockdowns. Its revenue has jumped 25% in the last year to $101.9 million. A review on this site can skyrocket your company’s success and help build credibility with new and existing customers.

To get reviews on Trustpilot, you need to first chat with your customers and ask them to leave a review on the website. Next, you need to send an email invitation to customers after they’ve made a purchase, make sure the email is short, and keep things simple and to the point. On the topic of emails, make sure to insert a link to your evaluation page on Trustpilot, and politely ask them to leave a review. 

Other things you can do to get reviews on Trustpilot is embed a link on your company’s website that directly links to the company’s profile page on Trustpilot, so they can leave a review. Lastly, you can put together an eye-catching postcard inviting customers to leave a review. These postcards should be added to all the packages you send out, showing people how to go to Trustpilot and review your company. 

Generating reviews on Trustpilot can help you identify recurring questions your customers have, help you collect new consumer insights, and highlight the areas of improvement, giving you the opportunity to improve your service and grow your business.

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