Here are 6 tips for improving your employee reviews.


Employees are the people you want to have as ambassadors of your company. You want them to speak positively about and promote your business as much as anyone else, especially online. To improve your online employee reviews, consider these six tips:


1. Put people first.

If your company continuously focuses on putting people first, your online employee reviews will increase and become more positive. Foster a great work environment that makes them the priority and your online reviews will reflect that. 


2. Respond to feedback.

Respond to the reviews left by your employees — the good and the bad. It’s important to let each employee know their feedback has been received and that your company will take action if necessary.


3. Improve the work culture.

If your online employee reviews are struggling, it most likely means there’s something wrong within the workplace. Make sure to investigate these complaints and fix your work culture as needed to provide the best possible place to work.


4. Embrace feedback and improve.

Online reviews are a great source for feedback: good or bad. Regardless of what the reviews say, take the time to review all feedback and take action from it.


5. Perform an employee reputation audit.

The best way to ensure your employees are leaving positive reviews is to be proactive. Run an internal audit to determine how your employees are feeling so they don’t express negative feedback online later on.


6. Encourage employee feedback.

Always encourage your employees to provide you with feedback in person and online. Sometimes just asking will help encourage them to provide their feedback!

These are just a few ways you can improve your online employee reviews. However, if you’re still having trouble managing these reviews, ReviewMaxer offers many features to help you manage and improve reviews on every review site out there.

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