Here are 5 tips to improve your review status on Clutch.


Reviews are vital to the success of your company. They give insight into your work environment, products, services, and culture. Clutch.co is one of many different review sites companies are using to track their reviews. Clutch has a user base of about half a million, and the platform has a strong presence of marketing, IT, and business service providers. To help you take advantage of this review site, we developed five tips to ensure you improve your review status within Clutch. 


1. More reviews = better clutch score

The quantity of reviews provided can affect the way your company is scored on Clutch. The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to have a higher ranking. Even having 10 or more honest reviews from clients will improve your score. To get more reviews, you can also request reviews from your business partners, employees, and clients! 


2. Industry focus

Having a specific industry focus helps bring traffic to your organization on Clutch, ultimately giving you a better rank. Make sure to state your industry in your profile and have customers mention your industry-specific projects in their reviews to help boost your ranking. 


3. Rating factor

The higher stars your reviews have, the better. Higher ranking companies on Clutch have a rating of 4.5 stars or higher. Clutch does not allow fake reviews. Therefore, you cannot artificially boost your ranking on the platform and must ethically collect high star reviews to be ranked higher. 


4. Budget of your client’s project

How much weight a review carries depends on the project’s budget the review was for. The higher the budget, the more weight the review holds. There are two types of reviews that occur for different types of budgets: reviews over the phone and reviews online.


5. Reviews over the phone

These reviews are for projects over $25,000 and are conducted by a Clutch analyst. These typically take around 15 to 20 minutes, are recorded and transcribed, and then are published to the company’s profile. 


6. Reviews online

These reviews are for projects under $25,000 and are completed online via a custom review form. Companies request reviews from their clients/customers by sending them the link listed in their company profile to leave reviews specific to them. 


7. Profile information

Having a good profile is also important for your ranking on Clutch. You need to be sure your profile includes a description of your organization and services. Make sure to list your industry, your organization’s specific skills, and projects your organization has completed or worked on. You should also provide contact information in your profile so visitors can easily contact you.

These are just a few tips to boost your rank and improve reviews on Clutch. ReviewMaxer offers many features to help improve reviews not only for Clutch but for every review site out there. If you think ReviewMaxer is right for you, you can purchase a month’s subscription.

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