6 steps to beginning your review management campaign

As a successful medical or dental practice, reviews in your industry can have a huge impact on your bottom line. It’s critical for you to take a proactive approach to your online reputation.

Determine your goals

What specific review sites do you want to focus on? Are you looking to get more reviews on a particular site, improve your overall web presence, catch up with your competition or improve your rating on a site where you received negative feedback? Do you just want to collect testimonials for your website? Determine what you want and then set up your landing page, review-site links and campaign accordingly.

Most of our medical clients seek reviews on both major and industry-specific third-party sites, with a primary focus on the former – particularly Google+ and Yelp due to their high traffic and impact on local search results. The following steps outline this protocol.

Are you a larger practice with multiple professionals? You may want to consider setting up a multi-location landing page to cover each professional in your practice.

  1. Find your major review-site listings across the web.

Once you’ve created your account and logged in to your dashboard, automatically search for and load in links for your business’s existing listings across the most important major review sites by clicking the Connect a Location button in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Review Profile.

  1. Find your industry-specific review site listings across the web.

While major review sites are the most important for your practice’s SEO and overall reputation, smaller industry-specific review sites are still valuable channels for gathering new customers. You may want to consider creating or seeking and claiming existing listings on the following review sites (we integrate with all of the sites mentioned):

When setting up your landing page, make sure to highlight the review sites that are most important to you to effectively send your visitors where you want them to go.

  1. Collect patient reviews.

Medical and dental practices benefit from having stronger, long-standing relationships with patients than many other businesses have with their customers. Often, directly asking a regular patient to leave you an online review can be effective – and by sending patients to your landing page, you ensure that your reviews end up where you want them to go. You may find our automated email drip campaigns an effective tool for reaching out to your existing patients (provided that you have their email addresses). Newer patients can also provide valuable feedback, and they are far more likely to leave feedback if their interaction with you is recent. Here are some ideas for asking, reminding and guiding your patients to your review funnel landing page:

  • Include your landing page URL on appointment reminder cards.
  • Print your landing page URL or QR code on existing business materials – brochures, etc.
  • Have your staff ask happy patients to leave a review at checkout.
  • Use our automated email drip campaigns to continuously reach out to new patients.
  • Embed our landing page widget or Review Us button on your website or patient portal (you can find these in Dashboard > Widgets).
  1. Optional: Monitor your reviews across sites and keep tabs on what people are saying about you.

It’s important to take a proactive approach to managing your online reputation. Our optional Review Monitoring add-on allows you to keep an eye on what people are saying about your business across the internet. You’ll receive email alerts whenever you receive a new review on any third-party site listing you’ve loaded into your account, so that you can take quick action if needed.

  1. Optional: Embed the Review Stream widget on your practice’s website.

Show potential patients what your existing patients are saying about you across the web with our review stream widget. You can embed our widget on a stand-alone testimonials page or include it on your website’s front page for maximum visibility.

  1. Adjust your campaign as needed.

Review acquisition is a long-term commitment – and one worth doing aboveboard and authentically. You may find that the most important review sites for your business change over time. We encourage you to make adjustments as you go. You can reorder, hide, show, edit and delete your review site links at any time (you can perform all of these actions in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links)

With so many people trusting review sites to help them decide which dental or medical practice to visit, creating a strong reputation online is extremely important. It can be overwhelming trying to manage customer reviews. When you use software like ReviewMaxer to manage your reviews, it’s easy to protect and even improve your online reputation.

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