These customized email templates will make it easy for you to request online reviews regardless of your industry

You know what they say: The best marketer is a satisfied customer.

In today’s business world, testimonials and recommendations — whether face-to-face or online — are reliable indicators that your company is authentic and worthy of trust. Every business should be on the hunt for more reviews.

So what’s the most effective way to request online reviews? Considering the fact that email usage continues to climb daily due to its universal convenience, email is one of the best avenues through which you can request online reviews.

To that end, here are some templates to help you format your review requests to help you get the most engagement possible:

1. All-purpose template

This template example is suitable for any company in any industry and is ideal especially when soliciting Google Reviews and Facebook Recommendations:

Dear [Customer Name],

We’re happy that we could help you [solve the problem that brought them to your company].

We’ve just got one question: What did you think about your experience with us?

We would love to hear any thoughts you have. Just click here to share: [review funnel link]

2. Template for the real estate industry

The real estate industry is an extremely competitive space, and online reviews help build trust in the eyes of customers. Home-buying is a huge milestone in many people’s lives, so your email requesting reviews should reflect that you’re aware of how important it is. An email requesting reviews could look something like this:

Dear [Client Name],

Thank you for selecting me as your realtor. I’m glad that I helped you find and purchase the home of your dreams. It’s an honor to help you fulfill that dream.

I’d love your feedback on how it all went. Did you value my services? Is there something you wish had gone differently? Please leave me a review to let me know your thoughts and help spread the word about how I can help others achieve their American dreams, too.

You can leave your feedback here: [review funnel link]  

3. Template for the home services industry

If you’re in this industry, you should already know that people are careful about who they invite into their homes to fix things. You need reviews that put your workmanship and professionalism on display. Here’s an example:

[Client Name], thanks for choosing [company name] to get the work done when you needed a hand.

We had a great experience working with you. How did you feel about having us help you out? Did you appreciate our methods?

Please take just a moment to tell us about your experience with our services.

You can share your thoughts with us here: [review funnel link]

4. Template for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is all about people having a good time. You want to word your review request email in a manner that leads your clients to talk about what they enjoyed most about your hospitality services. Here’s an example:

Dear [Guest Name],

Thank you for visiting us! How was your experience at [hotel/resort name]? Was it a memorable time?

We’d love for you to tell us what you found remarkable about your time with us, as well as anything you can think of that would have made it an even better experience so that others can share in the magic, too.

You can leave your feedback here: [review funnel link]

5. Template for the legal industry 

The legal industry aims to help clients deal with some of the most challenging aspects of life. If you did a good job getting your client through a tight spot, they’ll be happy to share kind words about your services. Here’s a template that you can use to ask them:

Dear [Client Name]

Thank you for trusting [your law firm name] with your case. We know the process can be stressful and are happy to have represented you properly to the end.

Would you consider leaving a review to spread the word about how thoroughly and successfully we represented your interests?

If so, please follow this link: [review funnel link]

Of course, these templates aren’t carved in stone. You should tweak and modify them to suit your brand voice and personality. The important thing is to preserve the essence of the message, which is to get the customer to leave an online review, and hopefully, it’s a positive one.

So instead of resorting to sketchy tactics like buying Google Reviews, put these templates to work today to reel in authentic customers who are happy to talk about how satisfied they are with your great services.

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