Online reviews are an essential part of growing your company digitally. They play a fundamental role in shaping purchase decisions for most of your customers, leading to increased sales. 

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Before buying anything online, people often check out a brand’s reviews since it builds credibility and earns genuine trust. All these practices are better when done organically. Buying reviews doesn't necessarily work; instead, it raises multiple ethical problems.

Drawbacks of Paid Google Reviews 

Other significant disadvantages of buying online reviews include:


  • Damages reputation

A new business can take time to develop, but it's only for the company's betterment. Imagine a startup that opened recently has already gained a lot of rave reviews — wouldn't it affect the brand's authenticity?

If you discover that many people were offered free items in exchange for positive reviews, will you trust the brand? We won't! Paid reviews often damage a brand's reputation since the word of buying reviews can spread in no time. 

  • It might harm your SEO

According to Google's consent policy, it is prohibited to buy fake reviews. Since they negatively impact your local search engine rankings, growing organically is always better. 

Google's advanced spam detection algorithm never fails to eliminate malpractices, including fake reviews. Once detected, all your paid reviews get deleted, and you experience a drop in your SEO rank.

  • Legal Consequences

As online review sites are becoming extensively popular, they also grow technically. Their legal systems are advanced enough to track down people manipulating the entire portal to get unearned five-star reviews. 

Even the Federal Trade Commission controls the way companies include customers and endorsements in their advertisements. So, if you create quotes from your incentivized reviews, there are high possibilities the FTC can find you. 

Due to the disadvantages of paid Google reviews, you should always rely on growing your company through organic online reviews. 

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