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Trustpilot is a Danish consumer review website that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. It posts nearly 1 million new reviews each month.

Why is it important to get good reviews on Trustpilot? Well, let’s take a look at what it’s made headlines for recently. Trustpilot is surging in its stock market debut. It’s raised a total of $655 million through the sale of 161 million shares, all by the company’s existing shareholders. 

Trustpilot is part of the few online-services companies that have seen their businesses expand because of pandemic lockdowns. Its revenue has jumped 25% in the last year to $101.9 million. A review on this site can skyrocket your company’s success and help build credibility with new and existing customers.

To get reviews on Trustpilot, you need to first chat with your customers and ask them to leave a review on the website. Next, you need to send an email invitation to customers after they’ve made a purchase, make sure the email is short, and keep things simple and to the point. On the topic of emails, make sure to insert a link to your evaluation page on Trustpilot, and politely ask them to leave a review. 

Other things you can do to get reviews on Trustpilot is embed a link on your company’s website that directly links to the company’s profile page on Trustpilot, so they can leave a review. Lastly, you can put together an eye-catching postcard inviting customers to leave a review. These postcards should be added to all the packages you send out, showing people how to go to Trustpilot and review your company. 

Generating reviews on Trustpilot can help you identify recurring questions your customers have, help you collect new consumer insights, and highlight the areas of improvement, giving you the opportunity to improve your service and grow your business.


Want to boost your overall rating? Here are some strategies you can implement to encourage your customers to write reviews.


The first thing to note when asking for reviews is to make sure the product or service you’re providing is of excellent quality. Don’t ask for a review if you know the customer was not pleased with the outcome. When planning your request, pay attention to these three things:


Getting reviews as a law firm may seem impossible, but it’s essential to your online reputation and credibility. It’s important to note the main reason people don’t leave reviews for law firms is privacy. 


Getting reviews from clients and businesses might seem simple enough, but it’s more challenging than you think. You might assume any review is good for business, but one negative review has the potential to harm your company and its future forever. 

It’s important to think and plan rationally about what you are presenting to your audience and what you hope your audience will take from it. Customer reviews are there to establish and increase authenticity of your business. You need to allow the client to find their voice within your company and share it with others to attract traffic on your website. 


You don’t need formal research to show that more people are shopping online every day due to COVID-19. 

Right now, more than 25% of consumers are buying products online, and 43% of consumers say they plan on transitioning to online shopping if the coronavirus continues. With this recent transition, people are more reliant on reviews from others to help make their purchasing decisions.


How you can motivate your customers to review your company

Negative online reviews hurt. They hurt your reputation, your company’s sales and even your feelings. You work hard, and you know your employees do too. So why is it that you’re receiving mostly negative online reviews? Where are all the reviews from customers who’ve had a positive experience?

Unfortunately, customers who have negative experiences are more motivated to leave online reviews. They’re frustrated, and they want to be heard. So how can your company motivate or encourage customers who’ve had positive experiences with your company to leave reviews?

Here are four ways to motivate your customers to leave your company positive online reviews:

  1. Reach out to your customers via email.

Proactively reaching out to all your customers and asking for their feedback is the best way to gain more positive reviews. If customers receive a simple email asking about their experience and requesting their opinion, they’ll be more likely to review your company on important review websites and social media platforms. It’s critical to import new customer emails at least once a week (even better, daily) to ensure you’re consistently gaining more reviews.

  1. Request an online review via text message.

Send your review request directly to your customers’ phones. With your customers’ permission, simply text them, “How are we doing?” and include the URL that directs them to your review and social media websites.

  1. Order printed review invites.

These cards work best placed at a front desk or at your registers. Another way to utilize them? Have your field representatives use them as a leave-behind with customers. Include them in your presentations, packets, packaging and gift bags. These cards are a tangible way to direct your customers to the review sites you’d like to receive more positive reviews.

  1. Ask for feedback via social media.

Remind your fans and followers that you appreciate their feedback and that their experiences with your company are important to you. Simply request a review through Facebook or Twitter.

After your customers leave your company online reviews, don’t forget to thank them! Some companies offer a coupon as a thank you for leaving a review, while others make a charitable donation for an online review. Every company should reply to every new review.  

Review management software is a great product that helps you manage and increase your online reviews. Among other tasks, it can:

  1. Email and text message your customers.
  2. Order review invites.
  3. Create your custom URL that directs your customers to the review and social media sites you’re listed on.

ReviewMaxer is the secret tool for accomplishing it all.

Watch this free demonstration to see how ReviewMaxer software works and contact us if you have questions.

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