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Trends, like everything else, come and go. Every year, there are new trends to be on the lookout for, and trends in reviews are no different.

Here are some local review trends to keep an eye on in 2021.

Fake reviews are increasing.

Unfortunately, fake reviews will always be here to stay. But fortunately enough, people have become better at spotting fake reviews compared to real, genuine reviews. Google My Business, for example, allows you to ask Google to review comments that you may deem false, inappropriate, or irrelevant to your business.

Most users give one-star or five-star reviews; there is no in between.

There seems to be a pattern of reviews that are either only given one star or all five stars. It’s no surprise that people often leave reviews when they had an excellent experience or a horrible one. If this pattern continues, many companies will have a hard time distinguishing what they need to improve on.

Opinions that aren’t politically correct can impact your reviews and company.

Opinions that might be controversial can have a long-lasting impact on both your reviews and your company as a whole. An example of this is a now permanently closed restaurant called Cup It Up, which was located in Tucson, Arizona. Two of the owners posted contentious opinions on their Facebook pages that led to their business closing. Be careful what you voice on behalf of your company as it may have consequences that won’t only affect your reviews but your overall business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected reviews.

It’s safe to say that people are spending less money and time out because of the pandemic. This can have a detrimental impact on companies, especially local businesses that are not only experiencing a dip in sales but also rely on reviews to boost their exposure and customer engagement.

There is no doubt that reviews are important to companies. Take these trends into consideration as they can help your company do things differently to better thrive.


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The Floating Carousel is a widget you can embed on your website that displays your latest reviews one at a time. It’s usually placed at the bottom left corner of your website and remains there as the user scrolls through the page. 


Review carousels are customizable so you’re displaying the reviews you want on your website on any page.



You can access the Floating Carousel in your ReviewMaxer account under “Reviews” on the left. Then click the “Review Stream” tab. Based on your business goals, the following options can be edited to customize your Floating Carousel widget:

  • Show reviews?: Toggle on to display review content. Toggle off to remove them. This is toggled on by default.
  • Include empty?: Toggle on to display reviews with no content. This means reviews with just star ratings, no other reviewer feedback
  • Show aggregate?: Toggle on to display the business’ aggregate rating. If Show reviews is also toggled on, the aggregate rating will appear above the reviews.
  • Use the reviewer’s last initial?:  Toggle on to use only the last initial of your reviewer’s name.
  • # of reviews: Change the number of reviews displayed in your stream at once. The carousel can roll through the 50 most recent reviews.
  • _____ reviews from_____: Use this setting to restrict the content of your review stream to specific review sites (by default, the stream will pull from all listings you have loaded in for a listing).
  • Display as carousel: This option will display only one review at a time, rotating between the # of reviews every few seconds.
  • Shuffle reviews: This option will display a random set of reviews instead of the most recent.


Once you have updated all of the settings, select the “Update Embed Code” button. The code will adjust to reflect the changes you have made. Copy the text from the “Floating Carousel” text box, and paste the embed code in the footer of your webpage.


Want to boost your overall rating? Here are some strategies you can implement to encourage your customers to write reviews.


The first thing to note when asking for reviews is to make sure the product or service you’re providing is of excellent quality. Don’t ask for a review if you know the customer was not pleased with the outcome. When planning your request, pay attention to these three things:


Getting reviews as a law firm may seem impossible, but it’s essential to your online reputation and credibility. It’s important to note the main reason people don’t leave reviews for law firms is privacy. 


You don’t need formal research to show that more people are shopping online every day due to COVID-19. 

Right now, more than 25% of consumers are buying products online, and 43% of consumers say they plan on transitioning to online shopping if the coronavirus continues. With this recent transition, people are more reliant on reviews from others to help make their purchasing decisions.


Reviews can have a measurable impact on your company, both good and bad.