Reviews can provide quality feedback, attract new customers, and increase sales

Reviews are an integral part of many industries, including healthcare, food, hospitality, etc. However, one that is often overlooked is the wedding industry. 

Unlike a pair of sandals you can return, an individual's experience is not a purchase. The amount of refunds or sales doesn’t measure its true success.

To improve your business in the wedding industry, you must listen and adhere to your audience, and the best way to do that is through reviews. 

Here’s three reasons why reviews are critical in the wedding industry.


Uncovering genuine feedback about a product or service

Online reviews are a great way to receive authentic feedback about the services you offer. Sometimes people can be timid about speaking the truth before, during, or even after a wedding. However, now the ability to voice one’s opinions has become far more accessible and less intimidating with digital access. 

Fifty percent of consumers who are asked to leave a review about a business choose to leave one.

So take the plunge and welcome those reviews! 

Although this may be scary, reviews allow your service to shine, allowing customers to praise your responsiveness, professionalism, timeliness, and creativity compared to your competitors. 

Poor reviews may surface, so allow them to push you to improve and become a better business.


Ability to attract potential clients  

Sixty-five percent of people read vendor reviews, providing vendors an immense opportunity to attract potential clients. 

The more reviews, the more secure a client will feel in choosing your business for their wedding.  

Responding to reviews will also attract more customers. By interacting with your past customers, you can start making more client connections. 

Maintaining a relationship past clients will show new customers your compassion and encourage them to recommend your company to their friends and family.

Negative reviews are just as important, so don't be afraid to reach out to those who may leave bad reviews. A potential client will respect a genuine response to a negative review that offers a solution and may consider this a redeemable quality, choosing to work with you despite a poor experience.  

It’s important for clients to know if something goes wrong, your company is on their side. 


Increase sales 

Brand credibility and reliability can strengthen your business, which is useful in such a competitive industry. Displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%.

Displaying reviews decrease customers’ concerns and make consumers more confident when investing in your services. This, in turn, will increase your conversion rates.

In addition, online reviews help improve SEO in different search engines by cultivating more activity to your website, improving your online ranking, and overall boosting brand awareness. 

How to promote more reviews 

In light of recent data, it’s hard to deny that reviews can help achieve professional and financial growth. So how can your business gain more reviews? 

  • Send a follow-up email or thank you letter and ask past couples to leave a review. 
  • Respond to all reviews, positive or negative. 
  • Be active on social media and respond to any comments.
  • Use review management softwares like ReviewMaxer to monitor responses on various platforms. This will bring your positive reviews to the forefront and decrease the number of poor reviews. 

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