How to efficiently manage your brand's image to continue growing your company

A brand's visibility contributes highly to business growth. It assists in attracting potential clients and promoting the company across the globe. Physical growth is one thing, but how do you manage your brand's ever-growing online presence?

This is where reputation management comes into play. For a developing brand, its online image must be convincing to result in increased revenue for the company and assist in retaining customers. However, people often make mistakes while managing their company's online reputation and eventually face the consequences.

Top 3 reputation management mistakes to avoid 

These common mistakes tend to immensely affect your brand, driving your potential clients away. Make sure to avoid them before it's too late for your company. 

  • Having limited online presence 
  • Most consumers are present on the internet now. If your brand doesn't have an active online presence, it can impact your growth. 

    Failing to update profiles on social media or not posting content can put your company at risk of losing its digital narrative. Consistent social branding is an intelligent business tool to include in your online reputation management arsenal.

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  • Ignoring your critics
  • Various brands ignore negative comments and often end up losing their customers. For an established brand, its critics also play an essential role. 

    Nobody likes being criticized, but companies need to understand they cannot charm everyone. However, brands can always rectify wrongs and improve their relations with critics. How you react to criticism can make or break how your company is viewed externally. 

  • Posting fake reviews
  • According to BrightLocal, 62% of online consumers believe they've seen a fake review for a local business in the past year. Not a smart strategy, of course.

    Established sites, including Google and Yelp, have advanced technologies to filter false feedback. So, all the time and effort you put into generating fake reviews is likely to be in vain.

    Instead, invest in your company and encourage your customers to post their genuine reviews to make your brand reputable and credible.

    It is crucial to remember that online reputation management is about proactively monitoring your brand's online visibility. Efficient reputation management attracts customers and puts you on the growth path. ReviewMaxer is here to help you align your review system with our free review management checklist. Check it out today! 

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