How to boost your online presence

Most business inquiries begin through a series of online searches. Customers will trust the advice of others on sites such as Yelp, Google and Facebook who share their real-life experiences and overall ratings. Four- and five-star ratings solidify the decisions of potential customers who are considering their options.

Customers must trust your company’s online reputation before they will make contact. How do you strengthen and improve your reputation, especially if you have negative reviews? Online software is available to better manage your online presence. Here are five things to look for when purchasing review management software:

  1. Real-time alerts.

We live in a world where everything is right now. Receiving real-time alerts enables you to respond to your customers promptly. A quick response from your company gives customers the satisfaction of knowing that they make an immediate impact.

  1. One central dashboard.

Having everything located on a central dashboard is crucial for ultimate productivity. Look for a dashboard that offers a series of tabs where you can do things such as read your negative and positive reviews separately and provide feedback.

  1. Testimonial feed.

Testimonial feeds are a great feature to include on your business website. By sharing your success stories, potential customers have the opportunity to read experiences from real-life customers directly on your site. Feeling as if their voice will really make a difference could draw in potential customers.

  1. Reporting.

You should always report the good and the bad. Realistically, each customer is going to have a different experience with your company. Your review management software should be able to compile a report of your entire year’s reviews from every review website so you can see where your business needs to improve its online presence. Remember, while you may have four-star reviews on Facebook, potential customers might be turning to Yelp for more information. Consistent, thorough reports help you better identify the areas that need improvement.

  1. Easy to use and implement.

Ultimately, a software that’s easy to use is the key to being productive when handling your reputation online. The functionality of the software will not only help you understand the process of managing your online reputation, it will also increase the speed at which you can handle issues and post online.

Online reviews play a critical role in driving business. If you aren’t actively managing your online reputation, you’re missing out on a great way to add revenue and increase brand awareness. If you’re new to online reviews or the process seems overwhelming, try online review management software like ReviewMaxer. ReviewMaxer is an affordable and easy-to-use system to manage your company’s online reviews and reputation. Use ReviewMaxer to promote your positive reviews and interact with your customers to resolve negative reviews. Sign up today for your free demo or check out the ReviewMaxer blog for advice to improve your overall presence online.


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Written by: Amanda Murguido

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