3 reasons why positive reviews are key to engaging new customers

Before you set foot into a salon or spa and trust a stranger to make changes to your physical appearance, you’ve most likely gone through a long list of referrals and reviews. The salon and beauty industry flourishes through positive reviews based on customers’ experiences. Often, the first step people take when they are interested in trying a new salon or product is to search the web for online reviews, testimonials and even YouTube videos.

It’s increasingly easy for brands to generate awareness about their services through influencer marketing on social media. One way is through posting with hashtags that result in a trending conversation. Customers who had a disappointing experience at a salon are more likely to share their opinions over those who had great experiences. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for companies in the beauty industry to generate more positive reviews in order to attract new customers.

Here are three benefits to encouraging your salon and spa customers to leave reviews about their experiences.

1. Receive free online advertising. 

Teaming up with social media influencers who push a product or service they truly believe in will promote your salon or product and expand your brand awareness as a whole. People who come across an influencer’s positive review are more aware of what your company sells and what you have to offer. When positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, more people are willing to choose your company.

2. Form a closer connection with the customer. 

When you take into consideration the experiences your customers have, it provides an opportunity to connect with more prospective customers. You should use customer feedback to tailor your services or products to better fit your audience. This sends the message to your customers that you are paying attention to your reviews. Engaging with customers who leave positive reviews as well as negative ones shows customers their experiences are crucial to your company’s success. You might not be able to respond to everyone, but a simple thank you or like goes a long way. When responding to reviews, it’s important to personalize your message. Often, the consumer will feel connected to the brand and is more likely to promote your business.

3. Establish trust and credibility. 

Your potential clients feel confident in their decision to use your service or product when they read how happy your previous clients were with you. Reviews offer valuable information from your previous customers, like how well their experiences were or how a new product is worth the money. Creating consistently good products or services will ensure your credibility and trust in your current and potential clients.

ReviewMaxer makes it easier to respond quickly to negative reviews and engage with the customers who left positive ones, ultimately improving your overall online reputation and brand awareness. Having the ability to engage with customers who leave reviews with real-time alerts will help establish a closer connection.

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Written by: Amanda Murguido


Why customer reviews on social media are more important than ever

Today, almost everyone has a Facebook account. For companies, this means huge opportunities to connect with audiences, promote products and services, and gain reviews. Facebook’s review system has become a respected source for online reviews over the years. We’ve recently learned that Facebook may have a new rating system in the works that could change the way it calculates review scores. Here’s what we know.

When you search for a company on Facebook, you see a blue circle depicting the location’s review score overlapping the company’s profile image. While the 1-5 score has been the norm for reviews in the past, Facebook is working on a new scoring system for business pages, which would allow users to rate on a scale of 1-10.

In May 2018, Facebook began testing out the new scoring system and displayed this message in its notes:

“We’re testing a new score out of 10 to help people find great places more easily. The score is based on multiple ratings, reviews and recommendations people share about Pages on Facebook.” 

If implemented, this new system would take into account reviews as well as recommendations. During the testing period, underneath the page’s score, it reads, “Based on the opinion of ___ people” and “Recommended by ___ people.” Facebook explains that the new scoring process weighs new recommendations more heavily, so companies always have the opportunity to improve their scores.

This new system could allow Facebook to discover more relevant companies for users and eliminate or decrease fake reviews by taking into account more than direct customer ratings. Moving away from solely user-sourced data could help end tampering on business profiles and improve relevance for consumers. This also means that reviews and recommendations on Facebook are more important than ever. Given this information, it seems having more positive recent reviews coming in regularly could help improve your company’s score on social media.

ReviewMaxer is a software that not only helps your company collect and manage its online reviews, it also allows you to post or stream positive reviews directly to your website and social media channels. ReviewMaxer makes managing your online reviews and reputation easy.  Request a complimentary demonstration today to learn how to easily and efficiently increase your positive reviews on social media and across the web.

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Written by: Beverly Driskill


3 reasons why car dealerships need positive reviews

Online reviews show what customers really think about your company. You can make promises and claims about your service or products; however, reviews are essential to prove your statements are true. For car dealerships, online reviews provide a means to build brand awareness with potential customers. Focusing on online review management should be a key part of a car dealership’s successful advertising or marketing plan.

Here is why online reviews matter in the auto industry:

  1. A big purchase calls for a lot of research.

It’s hard to imagine buying a car without doing any online research beforehand. Buying a car is a major purchase for most people – second only to buying a house. Because buying a car is often a difficult and lengthy process, you can expect shoppers to look at several car dealerships online to find the most trustworthy and reliable option.

To ensure shoppers have information to evaluate your company, you must encourage your customers to leave online reviews. Because happy customers are less likely than unhappy customers to write a review, remind your satisfied customers to review your dealership. An email or follow-up phone call asking for a review will show customers that you value their opinion.

  1. Online reviews trump pushy car salespeople.

It’s no secret that the auto industry has a reputation for aggressive sales. According to a Gallup survey, only 7 percent of Americans say they trust car salespeople. Any added trust a dealership earns through positive reviews will counteract this widespread distrust of the professionals in the industry. Online reviews assure customers that your company will treat them well and that they’ll get a fair deal.

  1. Earning star ratings and monitoring reviews improves your image.

Promoting your company’s positive ratings goes a long way in improving your reputation. A study conducted by Digital Air Strike in 2014 revealed that 91 percent of car buyers used social media and review sites to choose a dealership, and 83 percent rely on review star ratings in search results. Star ratings matter in the auto industry, and dealerships risk losing potential customers when they have negative reviews. Thus, it’s important for dealerships to highlight positive reviews by promoting them via email, on their website, in their advertising and in person.  

It’s critical to monitor all reviews you receive, even the negative ones. Addressing the concerns of dissatisfied or angry customers is an essential part of making online reviews work in your favor. This shows you’re a responsible dealership that cares about solving the problems of past customers and ensures a similar situation doesn’t happen with new customers. Dealerships that attend to negative reviews have a better chance of appearing honest and maintaining a good image.

ReviewMaxer is software that makes managing your online reputation easy. ReviewMaxer not only helps your company collect and manage its online reviews, it also allows you to post or stream positive reviews directly to your website and social media channels. Request a complimentary demonstration today to learn how to easily and efficiently protect and improve your online reputation to become a trusted brand in the auto industry.

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Written by: Gabrielle Pata


ReviewMaxer allows you to proactively manage your online reviews and provides an organized, easy-to-use online space to set up all things related to your online reviews. One of the most important elements of your ReviewMaxer account is the review funnel. The review funnel is the core asset of your review campaign; it guides your customers through the reviewing process. The funnel consists of three tabs: Links, Content, and Setup. Here’s how each one works and what you can do to make the most of your review funnel.


When you set your company up with ReviewMaxer, you’ll need to add your business address, which will help ReviewMaxer find all your current reviews on review sites across the web. Once ReviewMaxer compiles all your review sites, they’ll show up in the Links tab under “Review Site Links.” In the Links tab, you’re able to choose which review sites are most important to you. If your company tends to get really great reviews on one site, try to direct your customers to leave reviews on other review sites for a while. Getting reviews regularly on multiple major review sites will help ensure the best possible search engine ranking.  

ReviewMaxer provides a list of hundreds of review site links to choose from. If you don’t see the site you’re looking for, ReviewMaxer can add a custom link or you can request to integrate a new site. Also under the Links tab, you can set up to receive email notifications when someone leaves a review to help you stay in the know about what people are saying about your business. Under the “Beyond Reviews” section of your Links tab, you can have customers connect to your social media by simply clicking “Prompt visitors to connect.”

Content and Setup

The Content tab is where you create the content your customers see when they first see your review funnel. Here you can write a message to all visitors, thanking them for their time and feedback. The Content tab allows you to determine what connotes a positive or negative review. For example, if you chose stars as your method of review, how many stars do you consider positive? You decide. Also under Content is the “Attach an offer” section. This allows you to attach an offer to your page to encourage more reviews.

The Setup tab is where you put together the layout of your funnel. Here you can add your company’s logo and choose your funnel’s colors. Setup is also where you decide the format in which customers will leave reviews. ReviewMaxer allows you to choose from stars, hearts, faces, or a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down. This tab allows you to get creative with your funnel and think from a customer’s point of view.

The review funnel is an essential part of your ReviewMaxer account and is just one of the many beneficial tools ReviewMaxer has to offer. The funnel helps visitors navigate the process of leaving a review and, along the way, promotes even more positive reviews for your company.

Take control of your online reviews today with ReviewMaxer. This powerful, cloud-based software provides its users with a proactive review strategy to quickly and easily manage reviews and comments from more than 500 sites. Sign up for a free demo to see how the ReviewMaxer software works and read the blog for advice to improve your overall presence online.

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Written by: Beverly Driskill


As a small-business owner, you may have mixed feelings about online reviews. While positive reviews significantly help promote your company, negative reviews hurt your credibility. Negative comments are bound to happen from time to time, making it all the more necessary for small businesses to embrace online reviews. Understanding how reviews work and how you can use them to your advantage will make a big difference in the growth of your company.

  1. Reviews improve your company’s visibility.

Your company is more likely to appear near the top of search results for local businesses if you have online reviews, especially if the reviews are positive. Striving to gain more positive reviews shows your customers that you’re passionate about your business and that you want more people to know about it.

  1. Reviews provide valuable feedback.

Online reviews help provide insight into what your customers like – and what they don’t like – about your business. This can be especially helpful to small businesses that are just getting started. While negative reviews can be scary, they can help you determine what aspects of your business need to improve. Paying attention to your online reviews can help you resolve issues quickly and give you a better understanding of your customer base.

  1. Reviews let you connect with customers.

Not only do online reviews help you get a better understanding of your customers, they also allow you to show your company’s personality. Whether reviews are positive or negative, responding to and connecting with customers online shows them you care about their input and are grateful for their feedback. Responding quickly and appropriately to a negative review is the best way to show the customer you are actively working to fix the issue.

  1. Reviews give you credibility.

Generating more positive online reviews helps give your company credibility. In today’s digital age, the majority of consumers do their research before trying out a new business. It’s no secret that online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. According to a recent study by BrightLocal, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The more positive reviews you receive, the more likely new customers are to give your business a chance.

Online reviews are a powerful tool that will help your small business grow. Embracing online reviews gives your company opportunities for improvement and a way to connect with your customers. Understanding how reviews work and how to use them to your advantage will ultimately help your company gain a larger customer base and a stronger online presence.

ReviewMaxer is software that makes managing your online reputation easy. ReviewMaxer not only helps your small business collect and manage its online reviews, it also allows you to post or stream positive reviews directly to your website and social media channels.

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Written by: Beverly Driskill


Harvard Business Review warns to proceed with caution

Crowdsourcing has become an active part of online campaigns and social media. With companies continuously searching for ways to improve their online presence, some have begun offering free products, discounts or even payments to people with large social media followings in exchange for reviews. While this may seem like a good idea, Harvard Business Review cautions companies to consider the potential consequences.

The article “Crowdsourcing: Paying for Online Reviews Can Backfire” in the September-October 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review demonstrates how crowdsourcing can have adverse effects. A Chinese company offered people a 25-cent credit for each review they wrote. To the company’s surprise, the number of reviews went down 30 percent in the following month. Why did this happen? Researchers blame social disapproval; they found that people are uncomfortable receiving payment for reviews because they fear criticism from their followers and friends.

Here are the pros and cons to crowdsourcing:

Pro: Get a boost from online influencers.

Today, online influencers are popping up everywhere, and some have amassed millions of followers and subscribers. A great way to increase paid reviews is to find an influencer whose views support your company’s beliefs and whose followers fit your target audience. If the influencer fits these criteria and agrees to write a review for your company, a hefty proportion of your target audience could see information about your product. According to Linquia’s The State of Influencer Marketing Survey, 94 percent of those who used influencer tactics found them effective.

Pro: Save time.

When you do it correctly, crowdsourcing can save you a chunk of time. If users with a large following are leaving reviews, their many followers are hearing about your company and products through them. Rather than having to dedicate time on promotional material, you’ll be able to spend this time working on other areas of your business.

Con: You have little control over the outcome.

Samples, discounts and payments are costly. With a paid review, you can’t be sure what you will get. For example, what happens if your payment results in a bad review, or if the reviewer writes great reviews only to milk more offers from your company? While more reviews of a product may help your company, just be sure to ask yourself if paid reviews are the best way to get them.

Con: Reviewers endure disapproval from their followers.

Most people don’t want criticism or to have their motives questioned. Reviews are meant to be a person’s honest opinion of a product or service. When a person is paid for a review, people begin to wonder whether that review is still honest. A quick Google search of “paid reviews” results in lists of companies that will pay for reviews, with some even directing you on how to get away with fake reviews for money. While some companies do benefit from offering discounts or free samples of products, just be sure your company is paying for honesty.

While crowdsourcing reviews can be helpful, it can also be detrimental. Before you begin, be sure to sit down with your team and discuss what works best for your company.

ReviewMaxer is a great tool for your business to collect and manage your customers’ online reviews. You can also post or stream positive reviews directly to your website and social media channels. Watch our free demo today to see how easily and efficiently you can protect and improve your online reputation.

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Written by: Kelly Delgado