Online reputation management software for car dealers

Customer reviews can either help a car dealership big-time or do serious damage. However, since your industry in particular involves high-priced sales and those you sell to often acquire financing for the purchase, when a customer isn’t satisfied with their experience, they’re likely to have a stronger reaction than when the same situation takes place in the course of a small purchase. The amplified effect of a negative written review or a poor reputation through word of mouth can continue to grow, and people who have never visited your location may steer others away based on what they’ve heard or read from other consumers. Constructively critical reviews can actually serve an important purpose for a company looking to improve, but if you aren’t leveraging the power of quality software to help you make the most of both positive and negative reviews, you could be leaving a lot on the table. ReviewMaxer is here to help.

With a firm grasp on the particular ways reviews can help or damage a car dealership, we work to help promote positive reviews while also providing a mechanism that allows you more influence over your negative reviews. Our strategic approach also helps you efficiently maintain an active presence on leading review sites, and with our commitment to staying current with review site trends, we’re always adding more websites to our software’s roster of compatible outlets.

As one client puts it, “In just two months, we were able to increase our online customer ratings, which helps attract new patients to our walk-in clinics.” – Drs. John Soud and John McLean, Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center

Enhancing your online presence

Between social media and the ever-growing list of review sites populating the internet, people are now more empowered than ever to publish reviews of the services and products they purchase. Using our multifaceted and customizable approach, we can help you increase the positive effect of a glowing review and afford you the opportunity to handle credible critical reviews by directly addressing those sticking places that frustrate your dealership’s customers. Here’s how ReviewMaxer works:

  • You invite customers to visit your website to share their opinions about their experience. You can issue this invite through a QR code, on a receipt, or any number of other methods at your disposal.
  • Using our customizable review templates, patrons can leave a thumbs up/thumbs down review, a scale of 1–10, or many other review setups, depending on your preferences.
  • A negative review will trigger a notification to you to keep you informed of what people are saying. When this happens, you can reach out to the customer to learn more and possibly work to address their problem, allowing you to turn an unhappy customer into a very happy one. Not only will your customer get a personal response, but they’ll also have the chance to vent in writing and feel heard.
  • When your dealership earns a positive review, ReviewMaxer can recommend other review sites where the customer can share their review. We work with more than 500 review sites; with ReviewMaxer, you’ll be able to direct your efforts toward the websites that car dealers covet most.

Understanding the modern marketplace

We remain committed to being the best at what we do, and since no other company works with more review sites, we’re proud of what we’ve helped our customers accomplish. We serve clients in many different industries while maintaining active knowledge of those specific industries. Here are a few of the leading websites our software works with:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Amazon
  • Glassdoor
  • Angie’s List
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Zomato
  • Zagat

There’s more

In addition to encouraging positive reviews, our software also makes things easier on you by making use of:

  • A simple-to-use dashboard that allows you to manage your account
  • Prompt updates about reviews on sites across the web
  • Optional review alerts so you can instantly read the feedback your customers leave 
  • Automated email and text campaigns that allow you to stay in contact with recent customers so you can encourage them to leave reviews
  • Integrated reviews, allowing you to stream your best reviews directly onto your website
  • Timely reports that provide accessible data, tracking your metrics and analytics so you can assess how your performance improves over time

Contact us

We look forward to helping your car dealership benefit from more positive reviews while providing an avenue to help those who have complaints. When you’re ready to get started or if you have any questions, please reach out to us at reviewmaxer.com. You can also reach us by phone at 888-PR-FIRM-8.