Health care reputation management software

In such a strictly regulated and scrutinized industry, you’re constantly prioritizing improving patient care and meeting regulator expectations. However, while you navigate constantly shifting expectations and try to keep up with innovations, having a watchful eye over your online presence may be more important than you previously thought.

While you work to exceed the expectations of those receiving your care, any myriad of factors can result in a negative online review. Between Facebook and other social media sites, as well as the growing list of review blogs, there is simply no shortage of ways a dissatisfied customer can vent frustrations that you may actively be able to assuage. 

With ReviewMaxer, you can benefit from our software that allows patients—satisfied or unsatisfied—to have their voices heard internally and their experience improved while also bolstering your online reputation.


Enhancing your online presence

While it may sound simple, the first tool ReviewMaxer puts to work is your own review system.  Here, you’ll provide a space for customers to let you know how they feel you performed. 

ReviewMaxer offers various review styles that let you customize the appearance and level of specificity in a customer review. However, ReviewMaxer goes one step further by allowing you to list ways for customers to leave a review on receipts, emails, social media and methods. This helps draw in more feedback and improve your business’ performance.

Our process is simple, yet effective:

  • Through various methods, a recent patient will be provided the chance to review your organization.

  • When a negative review is left, you have the opportunity to address the issue head-on, allowing the customer a place to be heard without leaving a negative review on an external website you don’t manage.

  • When a client leaves a positive review, ReviewMaxer will offer a list of selected websites where they can leave a review.

This overall approach allows you to directly address patients who feel you could do better, reduces the chance of them leaving a review elsewhere, and possibly turns their negative experience into a positive one. It also helps you increase the likelihood of a positive review being left on targeted websites that will most improve your digital footprint.

In fact, our customers say it best:

“ReviewMaxer helps us gain more reviews from happy customers, as well as satisfy unhappy customers before they share negative reviews online. We highly recommend ReviewMaxer to any business who wants to improve their online customer ratings.” 

– Matt Klabacka, Townies Pizzeria


Understanding the modern marketplace

We keep our ear to the ground and are frequently expanding the number of websites we can help you with. Currently, our platform works with more than 500 websites, so we can likely help you take the precise approach you seek. Sites that ReviewMaxer works with include Facebook, Google, Yelp, Amazon, Glassdoor, Angie’s List, Zomato, Zagat, and the Better Business Bureau.

When a patient leaves a review, our system will direct that patient to leave a review on one of the relevant sites of your choosing.


Support your business with our additional services

While we stress the ways in which we directly help you address reviews, ReviewMaxer also provides the following to ease your experience:

  • An easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to manage your account

  • Prompt updates on reviews occurring on sites across the web

  • Review alerts to instantly read feedback from patrons 

  • Automated email and text campaigns that allow you to be in contact with recent customers and encourage reviews

  • Stream your best reviews directly onto your website

  • Timely reports tracking your metrics and analytics


Contact us

ReviewMaxer is proud of the fact that no other platform works with more sites. You can also get started without setup fees and long-term contracts.

Wherever you’re at in managing your reputation online, you can contact us by filling out our online form, or by phone at (888)773-4768. We look forward to hearing from you.