Reputation management software for pest control companies

It takes a lot of trust to let someone come into your home or business to manage pest problems. After receiving your services, customers will often have a lot to say about their experience having you in their space, handling this urgent and delicate situation. Many of these customers will turn to social media and review sites to let it all out about how your company handled their situation. With so many future customers depending on these reviews, it’s of utmost importance to make sure that every potential customer sees your company in a positive light online. ReviewMaxer is here to help with that. We’re ready to help you monitor your online reviews and make sure that any negative reviews have a minimal impact while maximizing positive reviews, ensuring that more customers come looking for your services. With our easy-to-use and effective software, you’ll have more control over your online presence.

One of our clients had this to say: “In just two months, we were able to increase our online customer ratings, which helps attract new patients to our walk-in clinics!” – Dr. John Soud, Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center 


Enhance your online presence

The daily operation of keeping a company running smoothly takes a significant amount of time. Part of that includes making sure that your clients are happy with the services they receive. We all know that even one negative review can damage your reputation, while a positive review can steer hordes of customers in your direction. At ReviewMaxer, we are dedicated to making sure that you get the chance to work through problems with customers who would otherwise leave a negative review, empowering you to improve their overall experience. At the same time, we are also committed to helping you spread the news of your positive reviews for all to see. Our simple process works like this:

  • After you complete work for a customer, ReviewMaxer invites them to leave a review of their experience with you through various means, including a QR code on a receipt, a link to a website, or through email.
  • If they leave a negative review, you’ll have the opportunity to fix the problem one-on-one with the client, which gives you the chance to change that negative review into a positive review before the public ever sees it. This is a great way to turn an unhappy customer into one of your biggest supporters.
  • If the customer leaves a positive review, ReviewMaxer will provide them with a list of review websites that you’ve chosen so they can share their thoughts with the public, increasing your visibility to other potential customers.


Understanding the modern marketplace

At ReviewMaxer, we work with more websites than any other reputation management software company. Our experience with various clients across multiple industries helps us guide you as you choose review websites to focus on so you can maximize the boost they provide your company. Currently, ReviewMaxer works with more than 500 websites, and we’re always on the lookout for new websites to work with.

Here’s a small sample of the websites we work with:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Amazon
  • glassdoor
  • Angie’s List
  • Better Business Bureau
  • zomato
  • Zagat


There’s more

We take our role in helping you monitor and maintain your positive reputation online seriously. While we’re doing that, we can also help by providing:

  • A simple-to-use dashboard that allows you to manage your account
  • Prompt updates on reviews appearing on sites across the web
  • Optional review alerts so you can instantly read any feedback your customers leave 
  • Automated email and text campaigns that allow you to stay in contact with recent customers and encourage them to leave reviews
  • Integrated capabilities so you can stream your best reviews directly onto your website
  • Timely reports that provide accessible data for tracking your metrics and analytics so you can assess how your performance improves over time


Contact us

At ReviewMaxer, we’re proud to be able to help our friends in the pest control industry to improve and maintain their positive online reputation. You can get started with ReviewMaxer today for ZERO in startup fees and no long-term contract.

When you’re ready to find out what ReviewMaxer can do for your business, we’re ready to hear from you. Please visit us at reviewmaxer.com. You also can call us at 888-PR-FIRM-8.