Reputation management software for roofing contractors

When storms and other natural disasters occur, communities start spreading the word about roofing contractors. Those who perform services adequately and meet deadlines can benefit from word-of-mouth advertising and a strengthened public image. While this is one way to grow your company, there’s a lot to be said about getting the most out of your exposure and work. That’s where ReviewMaxer comes in. ReviewMaxer is an innovative reputation management software solution aimed at helping you manage and advertise your services and testimonials to your key audiences. 

The reality is that most advertising occurs online now, and through the use of social media platforms and ever-expanding review sites, your customers can tell the whole world about your roofing services with a single review. Many think of this as a double-edged sword because consumers can always choose to leave negative reviews, but ReviewMaxer works to promote your positive reviews and helps you exert some ethical control over negative reviews. ReviewMaxer helps companies just like yours, and we’re excited about the opportunity to help you take your roofing contracting company to the next level.


Enhance your online presence

We make use of a simple, practical approach made easier through our quality software design and implementation. We start by allowing you to select a review template you can host on your company website. From there, we help you receive more positive reviews and give you the opportunity to mitigate damage from negative reviews.

Here’s how we can help you manage your online reputation:

  • ReviewMaxer can prompt a customer who wants to leave a review to do so in various ways, including using QR codes on receipts, hyperlinks on social media, and more. This step encourages your customers to leave a review regardless of how they felt about your work.
  • When a customer submits a negative review, you benefit from keeping that review internal instead of immediately sending it off for posting on a popular review site you don’t control. This allows your customers to fully express their concerns and frustrations and feel that you’re taking them seriously while reducing the likelihood of the review landing on public sites. If you so choose, you also can use this opportunity to reach out to your dissatisfied customer and try to remedy the situation. This is a great way to turn an unhappy customer into one of your biggest supporters.
  • When you receive a positive review, our software makes it easy for that customer to leave the same review on other sites that are likely to reach exactly the audience you want to connect with. ReviewMaxer is always updating the list of sites our platform works with, and you can tailor which sites the program suggests to your customers to take a targeted approach to your growth.

We work quickly, and with our intuitive design, you can set up your ReviewMaxer account in mere minutes. You can easily tailor our tools to better fit your needs, and advanced analytics allow us to measure and demonstrate our work’s effectiveness.

We serve multiple industries and maintain an active presence within them to cultivate relevant insight into each sector. Our clients love our work, as evidenced by our testimonials:

“In just two months, we were able to increase our online customer ratings, which helps attract new patients to our walk-in clinics!” – Dr. John Soud and Dr. John McLean, Velocity Care Urgent Treatment Center


Understanding the modern marketplace

ReviewMaxer works with more than 500 different review sites, and the list keeps growing. Here’s a sample of some of the most frequently used review sites on our platform:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Amazon
  • glassdoor
  • Angie’s List
  • Better Business Bureau
  • zomato
  • Zagat


There’s more

Some of the features our customers most appreciate include:

  • A simple-to-use dashboard that allows you to manage your account
  • Prompt updates on reviews appearing on sites across the web
  • Optional review alerts so you can instantly read any feedback your customers leave
  • Automated email and text campaigns that allow you to stay in contact with recent customers and encourage them to leave reviews
  • Integrated capabilities so you can stream your best reviews directly onto your website
  • Timely reports that provide accessible data for tracking your metrics and analytics so you can assess your improvement over time


Contact us

If you’re ready to take control and protect your growing online presence, ReviewMaxer is ready to help, with ZERO setup fees and no long-term contracts. Please contact us at reviewmaxer.com and at 888-PR-FIRM-8. We’ll answer any questions you may have and give you all the details. We can’t wait to hear from you!