Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Prospective Customers

What is ReviewMaxer?

ReviewMaxer is a powerful cloud software allowing companies to proactively manage their customers’ online reviews. You can track your reviews on over 500 reviews sites for data on how customers rate your company. ReviewMaxer helps increase your positive reviews by encouraging happy customers to share their online reviews about your company, while filtering out the negative ones with a funnel or pipeline to manage unhappy customers and their negative reviews.

Why does my company need ReviewMaxer?

Review sites, social media and forums are now integral parts of the customer buying decision process — 88% of people have read online reviews to determine the quality of a company (up nearly 10% in just three years), and the trend indicates that this will only increase in the future. Facebook and X (previously Twitter) are growing strongly as recommendation channels (52% of people have recommended a local organization recently on either platform). Only 8% of consumers recommended a company on local directories like phone books and newspapers (down from 11% in 2012). People are 63% more likely to purchase a product from a site if it simply has product ratings and reviews online — good or bad. Ultimately, customer reviews create a 74% increase in product conversion. ReviewMaxer helps increase the amount of reviews your company receives and the percent of reviews that are positive. It does this by asking customers who leave good reviews to easily share their experience online with popular review sites, while letting you contact customers who left negative reviews.

What separates ReviewMaxer from the competition?

ReviewMaxer is the only easy-to-implement, end-to-end solution for organic reviews, encompassing monitoring, collecting and promoting reviews. The ReviewMaxer solution works with 500 review sites — more than any other solution — and offers API connections and Zapier services to over 350 CRM, social media, help desk and email marketing services.

Is there a mobile option or app?

Yes, you can access and operate ReviewMaxer on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. Our software is coded to the specifications of HTML5. Tablets mounted on a counter give your in-store customers a terrific user experience for review collection. They can organically submit a review without leaving the store, earn a discount or coupon on the spot and share their reviews with friends before they even leave. This approach isn’t perfect and we can discuss this in a free consultation.

How does ReviewMaxer monitor my reviews?

The system tracks your online reviews across more than 500 sites and sends you daily and weekly reports (if you opt in to those reports). You may receive real-time alerts for new reviews, as well as rating reports and reviews on the review sites that matter for each of your accounts.

How do I collect real reviews from my customers?

ReviewMaxer creates a custom web page that serves as a landing page for all of your customers' reviews. On this page, customers can easily submit reviews and star ratings for your company. These can be branded, linked and embedded into your website and social media pages seamlessly.