Whether you want to test drive ReviewMaxer for a few months or you’re in it for the long haul, ReviewMaxer’s month-to-month service allows you to tailor the program to your needs.

Money-back guarantee

• We offer a 3-day money back guarantee
• We guarantee you'll get new reviews every 30 days*
• We guarantee we support more review sites than any others

Pricing Options

• We recommend an account for employee reviews and one for customer reviews

• Get an account for each location, product, and service
• Manage each of your accounts with ReviewMaxer’s easy-to-use dashboard

Select Your Accounts

No Long-Term Contract • Get Reviews Guarantee • $0 Setup Fee

Monthly subscription (per account)


We can manage ReviewMaxer for you!

ReviewMaxer is a software license operated by your social media and search engine optimization team. Alternatively, you may assign us to operate it on your behalf for an additional $99/month for each account.

* If you don't get any reviews one month you don't pay for that month. You must enter at least 10 new customers into the workflow that month.