Apartment complexes should use close consumer connection to attract new residents

As an apartment complex manager, your consumers don’t simply judge your business based on their experiences in your leasing office. They’re judging you the entire time they rent space from you. They will consider the following:

  • How thorough and engaging the tour of the complex is the first day.
  • How responsive you are to maintenance requests.
  • How often prices increase.
  • How friendly the staff is.

In searching for an apartment, prospects will look online for reviews and ratings from previous renters. It’s crucial your company has a positive online reputation. Since most people are usually only motivated to review businesses when they’re unhappy, there are measures you can take to make the most of your residents’ positive feedback and boost your online reputation. 

We listed our top three reasons why, as an apartment manager, you need to focus on your online reviews just as much as your residents’ day-to-day experiences.

  1. Apartments aren’t like any other consumer good or service.

For many consumers, choosing an apartment to live in is a different experience from choosing where to shop or eat. It’s a bigger commitment, so people are likely to do extensive research. This is one reason reviews matter more to apartment complexes. Leases can last from a few months to a few years, and your prospective consumers want to make sure previous tenants were happy with your company the whole time. Google and Facebook reviews are bound to pop up in their research for the best complex, and if you have no reviews or several negative reviews, prospective renters will immediately disregard your business. Most cities have many apartment options; the way to stand out is by asking for positive online reviews from your current tenants.  

  1. No reviews or bad reviews bring down your credibility.

There are many factors that go into where someone decides to live. Beyond the features you advertise, prospective residents want to know how other people like living there. Was the staff cordial? Did maintenance fix issues in a timely manner? If you don’t have any reviews, prospects will feel like signing a lease with you is a risky shot in the dark. Even worse, if only dissatisfied consumers leave reviews, prospective residents will assume your business is bad. You need to make sure as many of your residents as possible are sharing their honest opinions of your complex. One way to encourage feedback is through referral bonuses on rent – if tenants like where they live, why not encourage them to tell others about their experience?     

  1. Different tenants have different experiences.

A review for an apartment complex could be from someone who lived there a few months or a few years. The experiences of short-term tenants versus long-term tenants factors into how they review you. Maybe someone lived at your complex in the midst of loud renovations and never got to enjoy the benefits from the remodel. This tenant wouldn’t have as favorable an opinion as someone who was able to use all those new amenities and perks. Ask reviewers to specify how long they lived at your complex and what was going on while they were there, so people reading the reviews have a better understanding of the situation. Remember to share positive reviews on Facebook and include a testimonial stream on your website for prospective residents to check out.

Tip: Ask your residents to review you BEFORE move-out time.

Moving out of an apartment is a busy and stressful time, so if you try to get your residents to review your complex while they’re moving out, you won’t get the results you want. Instead, promote reviews around calmer times – maybe a month or two before you expect someone to move out. Or, if someone is re-signing a lease with you, ask for feedback then. If tenants found reasons to stay with you longer, they’re more likely to have some good things to say online.

In the apartment complex industry, you have a closer connection to your consumers than most businesses. Often, a complex manager may not realize residents have an issue until they blast the complex in an online review or on social media. Using a tool like ReviewMaxer makes promoting reviews and resolving issues easy and efficient so potential tenants can get a clear picture of your property, and you can improve your online reputation.

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Written by: Macey Wilson


Most people expect film reviews, but what about the theaters that host them?

Having good customer reviews is more important than ever. Millennials, who are quickly taking over the market, rely on reviews more than their parents did and like to make purchases collaboratively (with input from friends, family and even strangers on the internet). According to a report from Barkley, nearly 40 percent of millennials base purchase decisions on online reviews and comments, versus just 25 percent of non-millennials.

 When a potential customer is searching online for where to see that new summer blockbuster, you want your theater to pop up as the best location, with rave reviews from past customers as proof.

But we’re a movie theater. How would people even review us?

As a movie theater, much of what you serve your customers is another company’s product (the movies). However, there are still many aspects of your theater that you control, which make or break a customer's movie-going experience.  

Since customers spend the majority of their time watching the film, you only have a few chances to show them how great your particular theater is. Here are three ways you can ensure your customers have a delightful movie experience – and then share their experiences online. 

  1. Provide superior in-person customer service.

These days, when so much is done online, the few in-person interactions your customers have with your brand are even more important. Deliver excellent customer service, and then make sure to provide an easy-to-find link or code where customers can share their experiences online. Include a sign near the ticket counter and the concession stand – the places people will think about their interactions and have a moment to write a review.

  1. Make cleanliness a priority.

The cleanliness of your theater is a key factor that potential customers will consider before choosing your business. After drinking so much movie theater soda, theatergoers are sure to want to use the restrooms. Keep bathrooms spotless – and then post a QR code on the walls to provide a convenient way for patrons to let you know how they feel about the cleanliness of the bathroom as well as the theater itself. We’ve all been to that theater where the floors were just a little too sticky for anyone's liking. If that sticky floor belongs to your theater, your customers will broadcast it online.

  1. Engage your audience.

Once your customers have purchased their popcorn, chosen the perfect seat and are eagerly waiting for the featured presentation to begin, it’s a great time to ask for a review. Before the previews start, use the screen time to provide a link for customer reviews. Patrons will be more likely to pull their phones out and kill some time. Additionally, have a QR code on the ticket stub that links customers to a review site, allowing them to easily share their experiences with the world once they are home. 

While there are plenty more ways to implement practices that encourage customer reviews for your movie theater, these suggestions are a good place to start. Managing your online reviews requires a great deal of time and energy. ReviewMaxer is an easy and effective way to improve your online reputation. Watch this free demonstration today to see how ReviewMaxer software works. ReviewMaxer provides simple links and QR codes that you can use to gain more positive online reviews and address the negative reviews on a personal level. You can resolve issues one on one before customers post publicly about their negative experiences, so you can keep your business’s reputation intact.

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Written by: Macey Wilson


The first steps you should take to begin generating reviews for your company

The legal field poses unique challenges when it comes to obtaining online reviews. The sensitive and personal nature of a law firm’s work makes it more difficult to get clients to speak out about their experiences. But if you look at generating reviews for your firm as both a numbers game and a long-term proposition – you’ll see that it’s more than worth the effort.

The value of a single review is enormous. Consider the conversion increase that even a single review provides your firm: A recent Bazaarvoice study showed that one positive online review could boost conversion by 10 percent. Every subsequent review boosts that rate even more.

With a long-term review acquisition strategy, it’s important to have patience and make sure you’re putting in a sound and consistent effort to gather reviews from your clients. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Find your major review-site listings across the web.

Once you’ve created your account and logged into your dashboard, automatically search and upload links for your business’s existing listings across the most important major review sites by clicking the Connect a Location button in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Review Profile.

Although industry-specific sites play a huge role for law firms, your major review-site listings (on sites like Google+ and Facebook) do have a large impact on your company’s visibility and reputation on the internet. Even if you choose to hide these major review-site links on your landing page, it’s valuable to keep them in your list for monitoring.

  1. Find your industry-specific review-site listings across the web.

Industry-specific review sites are particularly important in the legal field and you shouldn’t overlook them. Consider creating or seeking out existing listings on the following review sites (we integrate with all of the sites mentioned):

As always, if there’s a review site you’d like to see integrated into our platform, feel free to get in touch.

  1. Determine which of the review sites are most important to your goals.

Take a moment to inventory and assess your listings across these major and minor sites to determine which links you’d like to display and highlight for your visitors. Highlight your top priority site by dragging its link into the blue box in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links.

  1. Ask clients directly for feedback.

As a law firm, you have the advantage of establishing strong, sustained, face-to-face relationships with your clients. This is why asking your satisfied clients to leave a review is still one of the most powerful and effective ways to acquire them. And by directing customers to your landing page, you ensure that those reviews go exactly where you want them to go.

Still, your clients are susceptible to all the same deterrents to leaving a review as customers across all industries, including simply forgetting to do so. That’s why it’s useful to send them off with a tangible reminder to visit your landing page.

Our printed invites are uniquely useful in a law office environment. Here are a few ideas for incorporating our printed invites into your workflow:

  • Include your URL on appointment cards or use our printed review invites as appointment cards.
  • Include invites with paperwork or in paperwork folders (some have pocket slots for business cards).
  • Leave invites in a business card holder at the front desk.
  • Include your URL or an invite card in client mailings.

Note that we offer the proofing and printing of these cards in-house and at cost, but you may want to experiment with creating similar invitations with your own printer or find additional ways to incorporate your landing page URL into your business literature.

If you keep an email list, you might also consider using our drip campaigns or your email software to send a review invitation to your customers via email. You’ll also find an embeddable email signature snippet in the Widgets section that you can use to drive interaction with your landing page right in your correspondence. And our embeddable landing-page widgets are great for your website (find these in Dashboard > Widgets).

  1. Optional: Monitor your reviews across sites and keep tabs on what people are saying about you.

It’s important to take a proactive approach to managing your online reputation. Our optional Review Monitoring add-on allows you to keep an eye on what people are saying about your business across the internet. You’ll receive email alerts whenever you receive a new review on any third-party site listing you’ve loaded into your account so that you can take quick action if needed.

  1. Adjust your campaign as needed.

Review acquisition is a long-term commitment and one worth doing authentically. You may find that the most important review sites for your business change over time. We encourage you to make adjustments as you go. You can re-order, hide, show, edit and delete your review site links at any time. (You can perform all these actions in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links.)

Watch this free demonstration today to see how ReviewMaxer software works.


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