Local businesses benefit the most from reviews. They must compete with giant corporations that can afford multimillion-dollar marketing and advertising campaigns. Because of this, local businesses have to be more strategic with managing their reviews. Reputation management is a crucial matter when it comes to generating new customers.

Here are three facts about local business reviews that you can use to your advantage:

  1. Fifty-one percent of consumers will select a local business if it has positive reviews (BrightLocal).

Consumers want to turn to local businesses for their needs. Big-box stores and corporations aren’t native to their town and lack the sense of camaraderie a local business offers. For restaurants, people assume fresher ingredients when they eat local. Local boutiques may use local designers and products. Using a local business means fueling the community. And to be a part of the local community, you have to make a name for your local business, starting with its reputation.

  1. Businesses that reply to their online reviews at least 25% of the time generate 35% more revenue (Womply).

People who read your company’s reviews and see you replying to customers will respect your promptness and efficiency in taking care of your customers’ needs. Engaging with customer reviews has a positive outcome when you keep it professional and respectful. Make it right for a customer who had an unsatisfactory experience. Did someone get the order wrong at your restaurant? Always give an apology and perhaps a coupon for that patron’s next visit. 

  1. Sixty-eight percent of people say positive reviews make them trust a local business more (BrightLocal).

Positive reviews are vital to everyone, and local businesses need positive reviews to compete with large corporations. However, it’s also important to consider the opposite effect: How can negative reviews make people distrust a local business? Managing negative reviews can be trickier than managing positive ones. Having a review management system in place helps you prevent too many negative reviews from tarnishing your online reputation.

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Whether your hair salon is big or small, it’s important to pay close attention to your online reviews. The beauty industry is heavily dependent on customer reviews because people want to know about other customers’ experiences before they book an appointment. According to Google, consumers will read about 10 online reviews before they feel they can trust a local business.

Here are three reasons you should monitor and manage online customer reviews for your salon.

  1. Positive reviews attract customers.

It’s scary to trust someone new with your hair. That’s why most people do a lot of research before trying a new salon. When your salon has positive online reviews, you have a better chance of bringing in new customers. Negative reviews will drive people away from your business. Research shows that 94% of people will avoid going to a business if it has negative reviews. 

  1. Customers give valuable feedback.

When a customer leaves a review for your salon, positive or negative, respond to it! Customers want companies to interact with them. If you receive a negative review, it’s even more important that you respond because 53% of customers expect a company to reply to a negative review within one week. Not only will responding help your business, it will also make your customers happy. 

  1. Earn star ratings.

Your star rating is the very first thing people see when they search for your salon online, so this rating is key. If your star rating is any less than a 4.0, 57% of consumers won’t even consider you. The more positive reviews you get, the higher your star rating will be. 

Satisfying your customers is more important now than ever thanks to online reviews. Because everyone shares their opinions online, you want to make sure your hair salon stands out by managing your online reviews. Listening and applying customer feedback allows your hair salon to grow and improves relationships with customers. Happy online customers equal a happy business!

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Which review websites do you use to get insight on a business or product before you make a purchase? Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp are the most common websites that consumers use for research. Companies wanting to improve their online reputation should certainly focus their energy on these sites when monitoring their reviews. 

What about other review sites? According to Google, on average, a consumer will look at 10 or more information sources before making a purchase. That’s a lot of research!

Now, you may feel ambitious enough to monitor and respond to customer reviews for your company on 10 review websites. However, what about the hundreds of other review sites? And what if you have multiple locations? Going through each and every site regularly would be virtually impossible and extremely inefficient.

That’s where review management software can help. ReviewMaxer scans hundreds of review websites and provides you with daily reports on reviews of your company. You always know what people are saying about your business and you receive feedback to help improve customers’ experiences.

Today, consumers are educated and know what they want in a service or product. They have specific sources that they trust – sources you may have never heard of. ReviewMaxer helps you improve your company’s reputation across the internet.

You can’t monitor every website for negative reviews – and all it takes is one to harm your online reputation. To get the highest online review ratings, you need to have a proactive review management strategy. ReviewMaxer can do all the work for you.

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