Success Stories

ReviewMaxer clients benefit from using the online customer review management software to capture customers’ negative reviews prior to those reviews appearing on public online review sites. The software offers companies an easy way to track and manage all of their customer reviews across the Internet.

Every organization can benefit from improving online reviews.

Search and social are driving sales in this decade. If you aren't improving your online reviews, you are heading in the wrong direction.

Pizzeria saves online reputation

After an ownership dispute took a local pizzeria’s 4.2 rating to a 3.9 rating, ReviewMaxer saved the day by intercepting negative feedback from 40+ customers before those customers posted to public review sites, which would have caused the pizzeria’s star rating to drop further to a 2.2.

Plumbing company improves star ratings while customer services declines

A regional plumbing and air conditioning company had online customer reviews that were overwhelmingly negative. And, it was implementing a major change that it knew customers wouldn’t like. So at the recommendation of its public relations firm, the company utilized the power of ReviewMaxer to capture 240 private ratings in six months. Despite having significant customer service and delivery issues, including software migration problems, the company improved its online customer ratings from 1.9 stars to 2.1 stars when it started using ReviewMaxer.

Medical office improves from 3.7 stars to 4.4 stars in just six months

A healthcare-focused ReviewMaxer client went from a good 3.7-star rating to an outstanding 4.4-star rating within just six months of using the ReviewMaxer system – and the results continue to improve.

Startup builds credibility ReviewMaxer to build

A startup focused on obstacle course racing sought to add more credibility to its emerging brand and utilized ReviewMaxer to gain feedback from its race participants. Using ReviewMaxer, the obstacle course went from zero reviews online to 20 public reviews within days. That gave the company a competitive advantage in search engine optimization and consumer impressions, and it moved quickly from zero reviews to a 4.7-star rating. Using ReviewMaxer, the startup automatically shares more than 1,000 reviews on its testimonial and social media pages.

Urgent care service gets the reviews it needs to grow

A Texas chain of urgent care walk-in clinics increased their star ratings by doubling their online reviews. Like many companies, the clinics weren’t getting reviews – positive or negative – at all. By using our email feature, they began emailing their active patients immediately after their visits requesting online reviews. Now they receive new positive online reviews almost daily.