Follow these four tips to make the most of negative feedback.

Reviews are instrumental in establishing your company online and attracting potential customers. Gathering feedback from your existing clients can help increase your brand’s value with someone vouching for your product.

But dealing with negative feedback can be daunting. 

Not knowing how to manage negative reviews can make you panic. A greater number of positive reviews can lead to improved conversions. However, negative feedback, if not handled rightly, can drive away your customers. 

Turning your negative reviews positive

At times, when you receive a not-so-positive review, it is crucial to know how you can turn it in your company’s favor. This can significantly help cater to your current customers and also drive future clients your way. 

Below are some of the most effective ways you can change negative reviews to your advantage: 

  • Back it with research
  • Whenever you receive a negative review, identify the cause of dissatisfaction and find ways to help your customer. Knowing the product or service being questioned and the underlying cause of it can help improve your services and uphold your market reputation.

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  • Time is important
  • One of the most crucial aspects of dealing with harsh feedback is to respond back quickly. The customer is already angry and troubled with an issue, and delaying your response to the review might fuel the fire. 

    Never ignore a negative review. Instead, give the customer a proper response and take up their concern.

  • Ask for clarity
  • More often than not, negative feedback is more of a complaint without clearly stating the actual problem. Ask the customer for further discussion to understand their exact issue. 

    You can ask them open-ended questions like, “What do you prefer?” or “How can we help here?” This helps the customer clarify their issue and lets you know how you can improve. 

  • Learn something along the way
  • Once you have resolved the issue and satisfied the customer, it is time for you to learn. Identify where you lacked and what went wrong. This helps you to improve your system to prevent any further mismanagement. 

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