Which review websites do you use to get insight on a business or product before you make a purchase? Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp are the most common websites that consumers use for research. Companies wanting to improve their online reputation should certainly focus their energy on these sites when monitoring their reviews. 

What about other review sites? According to Google, on average, a consumer will look at 10 or more information sources before making a purchase. That’s a lot of research!

Now, you may feel ambitious enough to monitor and respond to customer reviews for your company on 10 review websites. However, what about the hundreds of other review sites? And what if you have multiple locations? Going through each and every site regularly would be virtually impossible and extremely inefficient.

That’s where review management software can help. ReviewMaxer scans hundreds of review websites and provides you with daily reports on reviews of your company. You always know what people are saying about your business and you receive feedback to help improve customers’ experiences.

Today, consumers are educated and know what they want in a service or product. They have specific sources that they trust – sources you may have never heard of. ReviewMaxer helps you improve your company’s reputation across the internet.

You can’t monitor every website for negative reviews – and all it takes is one to harm your online reputation. To get the highest online review ratings, you need to have a proactive review management strategy. ReviewMaxer can do all the work for you.

Watch this free demonstration today to find out how ReviewMaxer works.


Photo credit: henry perks on Unsplash

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