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If you’re keen on getting useful information that can help you improve your lead generation and conversion rates, a review management audit is a key tool in your arsenal. This kind of audit provides you with insights that you can apply in your review management campaigns.

This post briefly details how to perform a review management audit for your company. Let’s dive in.

1. Complete your review listings

This is the first step in the review management process. It involves assessing where you want to generate your reviews. Mainstream platforms such as Google and Facebook should come to mind first.

Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and research other industry-specific sites and niche platforms. This will ensure that you get the greatest amount of attention possible since mainstream sites avail you of mainstream audiences (which means wider coverage). Review platforms are also reliable sources of buyer intent data.

2. Run a search for reviews about your business

The next step is to determine whether your company and its online reviews are showing up in search results. Figure out whether your company appears in query results, whether they’re branded, unbranded, industry-specific, or location-specific.

At this stage, assemble your organization’s reviews from the various sites. Be sure to take screenshots of your findings; it’ll help you organize your data. 

3. Fill in your details

The final step is to fill your details into a spreadsheet created specifically to track the essential details of your review management audit. Your spreadsheet should contain information about:

  • The number of reviews you have across the various sites and platforms
  • Ratings for each review site or platform
  • The number of recent reviews

How important is a review management audit?

A review management audit is essential because it:

  • Gives you insight into what you should do better in your company
  • Serves as a reliable basis for comparing your company’s reputation and popularity against those of your competitors
  • Tells you which review site/platform your customers prefer the most
  • Shows you which site/platform has the highest conversion rate for your company

Simply put, review management audits help boost your conversion rate, which boosts your company’s success. Put these tips to work today for the clarity and competitive intelligence you need to move your company forward.

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