Parents use online reviews when they make child care decisions

For parents, finding the right child care center can be a daunting task. There are many factors that go into making the decision, such as cost and location. However, for most parents, the most important factors are the quality of the center and the staff, which they base on the staff’s education, experience, the class size and more.

It’s hard for parents to leave their children in the care of someone else, which is why many parents spend a lot of time researching facilities to find the best possible option.

Parents find information about child care centers, like the teacher-child ratio and caregiver experience, on their websites and through on-site visits. However, parents are relying more and more on information they get from other parents whose children have attended the child care centers. They want unbiased opinions from parents who know firsthand how reliable the care center is, what activities it offers and, most importantly, how the center treated their children.


At the end of the day, there are minor differences between one great child care center and another, and it’s the reputation of a facility that truly makes it stand out. This is why online reviews are so important to the child care industry. Two centers can have equivalent levels of experience and similar activities, and it will be their online reviews that set them apart.

A single negative online review on your business can cause a loss of credibility and discourage other parents from enrolling their children. On the other hand, positive reviews can drive parents to your business. In the child care industry, word-of-mouth and positive reviews are essential to success.

You can make sure your reputation stays positive with ReviewMaxer, which allows you to monitor, manage and promote your online reviews. You can reach out to those with a negative experience to address and fix issues, while promoting positive reviews that boost your reputation.

When it comes to child care, parents will do their due diligence and pick the centers with the best care and reputation. By monitoring reviews from one central dashboard, you can ensure your business maintains a positive reputation.

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Written by: Andrea Benaim

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