As your company grows, it’s important to expand your social media presence to drive more business. What are you doing right and wrong?

Here are four quick tips to improve social media for your company:

  1. Figure out which social media platforms are right for your company.

While Facebook should be on every company’s radar, other platforms depend on your audience. For example, Instagram probably won’t work for hospitals, since it’s highly visual, and posting patients can violate HIPAA. However, Instagram is perfect for a veterinary hospital. Sharing puppies, kittens, and other animals will catch the attention of animal lovers and make them aware of the good you do in your community.

Some platforms, such as Snapchat, target younger generations. If your audience tends to be over 21 – if you sell appliances, for instance – then these platforms shouldn’t be your focus. It’s all about finding who your audience is and which social media platform they spend the most time on.

  1. Share visuals whenever you can.

According to Forbes, ninety-one percent of consumers prefer visual content over text. Whenever you post on social media, always include a picture or video. Using your own images is best; however, there’s nothing wrong with stock photos. Sites like Unsplash allow you to download and use any image for free.

  1. Respond to all social media conversations about your company.

This includes replying to a comment someone made on one of your posts, using the search bar to find people mentioning your company’s name, and replying to online reviews. Stay aware of what people are saying about your company. Customers will appreciate when you address their comments and concerns. Make time every day to acknowledge and appreciate customers, and it will create more loyalty for your brand.

  1. Use current trends to stay relevant.

Pay attention to what’s happening in your industry and what your followers are talking about. Twitter makes it easy with hashtags and topics that are trending. Facebook and Instagram can be trickier. Use your company page to follow some of your fans to see what they’re talking about. Make creative content that targets the audience you’re wanting to reach. Staying relevant will keep you top of mind for customers and create new leads to generate business.

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