5 steps to add the Review Stream to your website

Note that you must have the Review Monitoring add-on to configure your page according to these instructions.

  1. Change your layout to “Review First.”

This layout will allow you to exclusively collect feedback directly on your landing page without first sending reviewers to a third-party site (you don’t need to add any third-party review site links to use the Review First layout). Navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Setup > Branding and Design, then click the Change button under Review Funnel Layout.

Select the Review First layout.

Click Update Setup to save your changes.

This layout sends an email alert whenever someone submits a new review, allowing to you keep on top of what your customers are saying and to follow up with any issues or grievances. Add more recipient addresses in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Notifications.

Optionally, you can customize the text in the layout in Dashboard > Funnel > Content.

  1. Manually add old/existing testimonials.

Review Monitoring is required for this step. If you don’t have any existing testimonials to add, skip to step 3.

Review Monitoring allows you to manually add existing testimonials to your Review Stream. This feature is useful for importing old website testimonials, written testimonials, testimonials received via email, etc.

Navigate to Dashboard > Reviews and click the Add a Review Manually button.

Select a star rating, add a date and attribution and then type or copy and paste your review.

Press Submit Review to finish and add the testimonial to your Review Stream.

  1. Use your landing page at the point of sale.

The Review First layout is the best option for collecting testimonials in your place of business. Consider setting up a dedicated kiosk (e.g., an iPad) for point-of-sale testimonial collection. Once you’ve set up a kiosk, establish a protocol for your employees to engage customers with the kiosk.

  1. Add the Review Stream to your website.

The Review Stream embeddable widget allows you to display all your latest and greatest positive feedback on your website. By default, the stream displays your 4- and 5-star reviews.

To embed your Review Stream, navigate to Dashboard > Widgets > Review Stream. Copy the provided embed code and paste in the appropriate place on your website. You can also embed the Review Stream on your Facebook page by following these instructions. If you use WordPress, you can also use the Review Stream plugin.

Alternately, you can copy and paste testimonials directly onto your website. Access these at any time in Dashboard > Reviews. If you choose not to enable review monitoring, you can access your testimonials via email (an email is sent out whenever someone submits a testimonial).

  1. Continue collecting testimonials.

Use our automated email drip campaigns (set this up in Dashboard > Invites) or a simple link to your landing page URL in your email signature to continuously ask your customers for testimonials.

You may also consider embedding the Review Us button or landing page widget on your website.

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