The complications you face and how to overcome them 

Getting reviews as a law firm may seem impossible, but it’s essential to your online reputation and credibility. It’s important to note the main reason people don’t leave reviews for law firms is privacy. 

If you’re a bankruptcy or criminal lawyer, your clients probably don’t want everyone to know they received your legal help. And on top of that, they may not want to talk about their personal information online in a review.

One of the main challenges those working in the legal profession face is finding PR or marketing firms that know the industry. Those working for legal agencies must understand and abide by the Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct as one mistake can cost you your entire career. By implementing one of these methods below, your law firm can generate more reviews:

  • Make it part of your closing process. If everything went well and a client is happy with his or her results, simply ask him or her to leave a review online. If you remain consistent with this method, your reviews will grow organically. 
  • Consider hiring a PR agency that specializes in the legal field. A law-based PR agency will know the rules and ethics behind marketing and advertising in the legal realm. Once you’ve reviewed its portfolio, asked questions, and are confident the agency will do well, hire it. Having a law-based PR agency will take the stress away of having to manage your company online. 
  • Provide service so amazing that your clients will want to tell everyone about it. Customer service is a skill set essential for every field of work. Be transparent, responsive, and update your clients at least once a week. Make the legal process simple and easy for them to understand; they are people, not colleagues. 

By using these methods, your company’s reviews will increase, thereby improving your reputation and credibility. With this, future clients will gain confidence and knowledge before ever contacting you. 

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