Tripadvisor is the world’s most recognized travel site. Tripadvisor listings provide the best opportunities for companies to connect with potential clients. 

As of 2020, Tripadvisor featured 884 million reviews and opinions for hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, flights, rentals, etc. For an edge over the competition, it’s necessary for companies to optimize their Tripadvisor listing. 

Here are five brilliant tips to improve your Tripadvisor listing. 

Top five tips to optimize Tripadvisor listing

1. Update your profile information

Companies lose many customers because of incorrect or outdated information on their online profiles. Well, it is a quick fix. Make sure you update your profile each time you change your company’s contact number or address. 

2. Upload attractive photos

Travelers want to know exactly what you are offering. Photos in your listing ensure that visitors pause and engage with it. Studies show companies with 30 or more photos on their profile have 41% more engagement than companies with fewer photos. 

Make sure you upload photos that create a positive first impression for visitors. 

3. Ask for reviews

Ask for it to get it. If you don’t ask, you are less likely to get reviews. There is no harm in encouraging your customers to leave a review during a conversation with them. If you hesitate with an upfront approach, send them an email afterward (within 2-3 days). 

Visitors want to see recent reviews, especially ones after the pandemic. So keep up with the trend, and get more reviews for your listing. 

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4. Add a Tripadvisor profile link to your social media profiles

To optimize your listing, direct your social media visitors to your Tripadvisor profile. It will also help expand your company’s reach outside of Tripadvisor. 

5. Use keyword-rich content

Research to find the industry’s relevant keywords and include them organically in the description text. Make sure you avoid stuffing, and create a simple and understandable text. 

We hope this was a useful read. Make sure to optimize your Tripadvisor listing and attract more reviews to establish a credible company reputation. Also, monitor and promote your customer reviews – that’s where ReviewMaxer can help. Wondering how? Watch our demo video and learn how you can improve your online presence in just 60 days! 

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