Leverage positive Yelp reviews to grow your company.

In the digital world, Yelp reviews are one of the most effective and cultivating advertising campaigns. This platform helps customers make decisions and find the best local companies and services by publishing reviews on its website and mobile app.

Customers make decisions based on your ratings and reviews. Companies that don’t pay attention to important review sources, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, are leaving a large chunk of revenue on the table.

Managing Yelp reviews can have a positive impact on your company. Reports suggest that for every star a company receives, revenues increase by 5-9%. This shows that it’s worth investing 1-2 hours a week to manage your brand’s Yelp reviews.  

Here are some strategies to beat the local competition with Yelp.

Ways to beat the local competition with Yelp

  • List with Yelp

First things first, make sure you list and claim your company on Yelp. Listing with Yelp is crucial when you have a brick-and-mortar location. It helps people find you easily. 

  • Monitor your reviews

Know when customers leave reviews by monitoring your Yelp profile. You can set up automated alerts by using reputation management software, such as ReviewMaxer. This way, you won’t miss any reviews or reply to them late. 

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  • Respond to reviewers

When you respond to reviewers, whether positive or negative, they realize you value their opinion. Leave a thank you note to positive reviewers. Act supportive and address the issue of negative reviewers. When people see your company cares enough to address the issue, some of them update or remove the negative review. It is a great way to survive negative reviews

  • Display Yelp reviews on your website and social media platforms

You can display Yelp reviews on your website and social media platforms. It improves your company's credibility, drives more customers to you, and encourages other customers to leave reviews. ReviewMaxer offers a review carousel that displays your reviews on your site pages.

  • Get access to free Yelp stickers 

By listing your company on Yelp, you get access to free Yelp stickers. Because others have reviewed your company, you earn more credibility, which boosts consumers’ confidence. 

Optimizing your Yelp account correctly can improve credibility and broaden your reach to potential customers, which is essential to beat competitors.

To automate your process, use ReviewMaxer, an advanced review tracking, reporting, and managing tool. It can increase your average star rating, boost search engine optimization (SEO) performance, and improve online reputation within 60 days. You can get ReviewMaxer with zero setup fees. Watch this demo video to get started. 

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