4 ways ReviewMaxer helps you increase and manage your online reviews

For many people, the first step in the buying process is to read product reviews on Amazon. With the increase in online shopping, online product reviews are more valuable than ever before, and Amazon has become the benchmark for consumers looking to read reviews. According to Marketing Land, 44 percent of buyers go directly to Amazon to start their product searches, compared to 34 percent who use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

So, what separates you from the competition? Five-star ratings and raving customer reviews.

Consumers love online reviews.

A study by BrightLocal shows 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and industry experts expect this trend to increase in the coming years. Conversely, four out of five consumers reverse their purchase decisions after reading negative reviews.

With the significant rise in Amazon Prime users, you need to ensure your products are receiving favorable reviews – on Amazon as well as other review websites. Online customer review management software, like ReviewMaxer, helps you manage your customer reviews easily and efficiently – and even increases positive reviews for your company and products.

  1. ReviewMaxer allows you to proactively invite satisfied customers to write a positive review.

Research shows that when asked, seven out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business. ReviewMaxer’s easy-to-use dashboard provides you with a simple way to text or email customers, obtain positive feedback and increase your favorable online reviews on Amazon and other important social media sites.

  1. Online reviews shape how people perceive brands.

The more social proof – or social influence – your brand has, the better your online reputation and brand image. ReviewMaxer allows you to share your positive Amazon reviews on all your social media channels and on your website, aiding in organic SEO and ranking.

Positive online reviews influence what customers think they should say when providing their own personal feedback. If a business has 200 reviews with an average rating of four stars, consumers think, “This business is well-liked and has great reviews; I’ll say something positive.”

  1. ReviewMaxer helps you manage and respond to reviews.

To rise above the competition, you must effectively manage your online reviews. ReviewMaxer lets you know when and where your customers are talking about your product and allows you to quickly respond to feedback, both positive and negative. Managing online reviews will help you improve the customer experience, both for those who commented and those seeking reviews on your products.

  1. You can maximize your social proof by engaging positive reviews.

Just like you would for an in-person compliment, you should offer your thanks online too. Expressing your gratitude for online reviews is further evidence of a positive online reputation. It shows you care and are thankful for all your customers.

Respond to all comments in a reasonable time. You want to address negative comments quickly, and it’s equally important to reinforce positive reviews in a timely manner.

Request a ReviewMaxer demo to see how you can harness the power of positive online reviews with Amazon and social media sites.

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Written by: Karen Schexnayder


Vacation days aren’t always easy to come by, so most people want to make sure their time away from work is well-spent. As a travel agent or agency, you help your busy clients plan something personal that they may have dreamed about for months or even years. They want their vacation days in the hands of an experienced and talented agent – one with the ability to get the best rates, deals on activities and trip insurance.

With the existence of free vacation-planning websites, like Kayak and Travelocity, as well as large corporations with their own planning services, like Disney, you need to prove that your services add value. As an agent, you provide a personal touch to the vacation that these companies don’t. Many people use a travel agency based on feedback from others, which is why reviews are the most convenient way for these people to verify that you are a stellar agent.  

Here are our top three suggestions on how to get more clients reviewing your service:

  1. Ask for a review just after they’ve booked their trip.

When all your work and planning is done, all your clients have to do is anxiously await their vacation. Your expert customer service and planning is still fresh in their minds, and they’re able to give a fair and unbiased review.

  1. Ask once they’ve returned from their trip.

Your clients enjoyed a wonderful, memorable vacation. While they’re still glowing with that post-vacay bliss is a great time to remind them who helped make it all possible. Check in and ask how they enjoyed their vacation, reminding them to review your service.

  1. Offer referrals and discounts.

Offer discounts for clients who refer their friends to your services. Tons of businesses do this, and it’s a great way to organically grow your customer base. You can also create a hashtag and encourage clients to share photos from their trip with you on social media, tagging your company or using the hashtag to raise more awareness.

Getting potential clients to trust you with a service like vacation planning is a tricky business – you’re dealing with the consumer’s special limited resource (vacation days), and you face competition from free websites and other corporate vacation planning services. Having plenty of positive reviews is critical in persuading a prospect that your service is necessary and superior.

Using a site like ReviewMaxer ensures you get more great reviews by making it easier for your satisfied customers to let others know what a great job you did. Schedule a 10-15 minute demo and see how ReviewMaxer can help your travel agency grow online.

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Written by: Macey Wilson


Apartment complexes should use close consumer connection to attract new residents

As an apartment complex manager, your consumers don’t simply judge your business based on their experiences in your leasing office. They’re judging you the entire time they rent space from you. They will consider the following:

  • How thorough and engaging the tour of the complex is the first day.
  • How responsive you are to maintenance requests.
  • How often prices increase.
  • How friendly the staff is.

In searching for an apartment, prospects will look online for reviews and ratings from previous renters. It’s crucial your company has a positive online reputation. Since most people are usually only motivated to review businesses when they’re unhappy, there are measures you can take to make the most of your residents’ positive feedback and boost your online reputation. 

We listed our top three reasons why, as an apartment manager, you need to focus on your online reviews just as much as your residents’ day-to-day experiences.

  1. Apartments aren’t like any other consumer good or service.

For many consumers, choosing an apartment to live in is a different experience from choosing where to shop or eat. It’s a bigger commitment, so people are likely to do extensive research. This is one reason reviews matter more to apartment complexes. Leases can last from a few months to a few years, and your prospective consumers want to make sure previous tenants were happy with your company the whole time. Google and Facebook reviews are bound to pop up in their research for the best complex, and if you have no reviews or several negative reviews, prospective renters will immediately disregard your business. Most cities have many apartment options; the way to stand out is by asking for positive online reviews from your current tenants.  

  1. No reviews or bad reviews bring down your credibility.

There are many factors that go into where someone decides to live. Beyond the features you advertise, prospective residents want to know how other people like living there. Was the staff cordial? Did maintenance fix issues in a timely manner? If you don’t have any reviews, prospects will feel like signing a lease with you is a risky shot in the dark. Even worse, if only dissatisfied consumers leave reviews, prospective residents will assume your business is bad. You need to make sure as many of your residents as possible are sharing their honest opinions of your complex. One way to encourage feedback is through referral bonuses on rent – if tenants like where they live, why not encourage them to tell others about their experience?     

  1. Different tenants have different experiences.

A review for an apartment complex could be from someone who lived there a few months or a few years. The experiences of short-term tenants versus long-term tenants factors into how they review you. Maybe someone lived at your complex in the midst of loud renovations and never got to enjoy the benefits from the remodel. This tenant wouldn’t have as favorable an opinion as someone who was able to use all those new amenities and perks. Ask reviewers to specify how long they lived at your complex and what was going on while they were there, so people reading the reviews have a better understanding of the situation. Remember to share positive reviews on Facebook and include a testimonial stream on your website for prospective residents to check out.

Tip: Ask your residents to review you BEFORE move-out time.

Moving out of an apartment is a busy and stressful time, so if you try to get your residents to review your complex while they’re moving out, you won’t get the results you want. Instead, promote reviews around calmer times – maybe a month or two before you expect someone to move out. Or, if someone is re-signing a lease with you, ask for feedback then. If tenants found reasons to stay with you longer, they’re more likely to have some good things to say online.

In the apartment complex industry, you have a closer connection to your consumers than most businesses. Often, a complex manager may not realize residents have an issue until they blast the complex in an online review or on social media. Using a tool like ReviewMaxer makes promoting reviews and resolving issues easy and efficient so potential tenants can get a clear picture of your property, and you can improve your online reputation.

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Written by: Macey Wilson


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