The first steps you should take to begin generating reviews for your company

The legal field poses unique challenges when it comes to obtaining online reviews. The sensitive and personal nature of a law firm’s work makes it more difficult to get clients to speak out about their experiences. But if you look at generating reviews for your firm as both a numbers game and a long-term proposition – you’ll see that it’s more than worth the effort.

The value of a single review is enormous. Consider the conversion increase that even a single review provides your firm: A recent Bazaarvoice study showed that one positive online review could boost conversion by 10 percent. Every subsequent review boosts that rate even more.

With a long-term review acquisition strategy, it’s important to have patience and make sure you’re putting in a sound and consistent effort to gather reviews from your clients. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Find your major review-site listings across the web.

Once you’ve created your account and logged into your dashboard, automatically search and upload links for your business’s existing listings across the most important major review sites by clicking the Connect a Location button in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Review Profile.

Although industry-specific sites play a huge role for law firms, your major review-site listings (on sites like Google+ and Facebook) do have a large impact on your company’s visibility and reputation on the internet. Even if you choose to hide these major review-site links on your landing page, it’s valuable to keep them in your list for monitoring.

  1. Find your industry-specific review-site listings across the web.

Industry-specific review sites are particularly important in the legal field and you shouldn’t overlook them. Consider creating or seeking out existing listings on the following review sites (we integrate with all of the sites mentioned):

As always, if there’s a review site you’d like to see integrated into our platform, feel free to get in touch.

  1. Determine which of the review sites are most important to your goals.

Take a moment to inventory and assess your listings across these major and minor sites to determine which links you’d like to display and highlight for your visitors. Highlight your top priority site by dragging its link into the blue box in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links.

  1. Ask clients directly for feedback.

As a law firm, you have the advantage of establishing strong, sustained, face-to-face relationships with your clients. This is why asking your satisfied clients to leave a review is still one of the most powerful and effective ways to acquire them. And by directing customers to your landing page, you ensure that those reviews go exactly where you want them to go.

Still, your clients are susceptible to all the same deterrents to leaving a review as customers across all industries, including simply forgetting to do so. That’s why it’s useful to send them off with a tangible reminder to visit your landing page.

Our printed invites are uniquely useful in a law office environment. Here are a few ideas for incorporating our printed invites into your workflow:

  • Include your URL on appointment cards or use our printed review invites as appointment cards.
  • Include invites with paperwork or in paperwork folders (some have pocket slots for business cards).
  • Leave invites in a business card holder at the front desk.
  • Include your URL or an invite card in client mailings.

Note that we offer the proofing and printing of these cards in-house and at cost, but you may want to experiment with creating similar invitations with your own printer or find additional ways to incorporate your landing page URL into your business literature.

If you keep an email list, you might also consider using our drip campaigns or your email software to send a review invitation to your customers via email. You’ll also find an embeddable email signature snippet in the Widgets section that you can use to drive interaction with your landing page right in your correspondence. And our embeddable landing-page widgets are great for your website (find these in Dashboard > Widgets).

  1. Optional: Monitor your reviews across sites and keep tabs on what people are saying about you.

It’s important to take a proactive approach to managing your online reputation. Our optional Review Monitoring add-on allows you to keep an eye on what people are saying about your business across the internet. You’ll receive email alerts whenever you receive a new review on any third-party site listing you’ve loaded into your account so that you can take quick action if needed.

  1. Adjust your campaign as needed.

Review acquisition is a long-term commitment and one worth doing authentically. You may find that the most important review sites for your business change over time. We encourage you to make adjustments as you go. You can re-order, hide, show, edit and delete your review site links at any time. (You can perform all these actions in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links.)

Watch this free demonstration today to see how ReviewMaxer software works.


A step-by-step process for reaching out to your customers via email

Our automated email campaigns allow you to reach out to your recent customers over time to facilitate a steady stream of reviews. Follow the steps below to get the most out of your campaign.

1) Customize/set up your campaign.

Before accessing any campaign features, you must complete the initial campaign setup by filling out the fields in the Setup email invite campaigns window. Once you have completed this setup, you’ll have access to all campaign features.

By default, the first email to a recipient will be sent out immediately after a recipient becomes active (more on this below). The Deactivate recipients on click? setting will also be turned on. You can adjust both of these settings in the setup window.

Please note: Using a free email address – e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, AOL – in the From email field can cause your campaign emails to bounce.

Before sending out any emails, take some time to customize your email campaign. This will help convert more customers into reviewers. Consider personalizing the wording of the emails. The default language is serviceable for a wide range of businesses, but the more directly you speak to your customers, the more you stoke the sense of reciprocity that motivates them to complete a review for you. If you need some ideas, consider mining your existing reviews for other motivators to touch on in your email messaging. For example, highlighting yours as a local business that needs your customers’ support to compete with the Big Guys. People love to feel needed and many want to support your business.

To get started, go to Dashboard > Invites > Email. Click here to learn how to customize your emails.

2) Create a CSV and upload your recipients.

While you can upload recipients one by one (click the Add a recipient button), you can also upload a high volume of recipients at once by creating a CSV file.

Upload your CSV file by going to Dashboard > Invites > Recipients and clicking the Upload CSV button.

3) Activate your recipients.

When setting up an automated email drip campaign, contacts you upload (via CSV or one by one) will automatically be added to the Pending Recipients list, where they will stay until one of the following happens:

  • They’re automatically moved to the Active Recipients list. (You must toggle on the setting Auto-activate pending recipients daily?)
  • They’re manually moved to the Active Recipients list (after clicking Activate all pending recipients or toggling the check mark in their entry on/green).

Auto-activating recipients

This feature automatically moves a set number of recipients to your Active Recipients list every day (provided that there is enough room on the Active Recipients list – you are limited to 100 active recipients by default).

To turn on this feature, set Auto-activate pending recipients daily? to Yes. You can then set how many recipients per day you’d like to activate (the default is 10).

Once a recipient is active, they will begin receiving your email drip campaign. Active recipients eventually become Inactive Recipients. Inactive recipients have done one of the following:

  • Received all emails.
  • Unsubscribed.
  • Submitted a review directly to your landing page (i.e., not to any third-party site).
  • Submitted feedback via the contact form.
  • Opened or clicked through a campaign email (only if you’ve turned on either of these settings in Dashboard > Invites > Recipients > Activity).

Inactive recipients stay on the list for 180 days (unless you manually delete them or change the expiration date), after which they can be re-added as Active Recipients. The system will prevent you from re-uploading recipients on the inactive list, thus preventing you from sending your campaign to the same customer twice.

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Use ReviewMaxer to make it easy for people to review your company

No matter what industry you’re in, product and service reviews are a vital part of gaining new business and knowing whether or not your company is retaining customers.

Make writing reviews easy with ReviewMaxer’s texting feature

With ReviewMaxer’s text messaging feature, you can invite your customers to a landing page through a text message. This landing page allows customers to write reviews of your company’s product or service. Customers can quickly engage in the review-writing process by simply clicking on the link in their text message. In order to receive a text, the customer must opt in and agree.

To get started, upload a CSV file with recipients’ names and phone numbers. Then, customize your message and send it to your list of recipients. Phone numbers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia are currently available. The initial fee is $15 for the first 200 messages, then a 6-cent fee per message after that.

Why should I use a text message review service?

A text message goes directly to the customer’s mobile device. It presents the review link in a way that’s easily accessible. When you make it simple for customers to leave a review, they’re more likely to do it. ReviewMaxer’s texting feature simplifies the process – you aren’t relying on customers to go to your website and find the link on their own.

How do I get my customers to opt in?

Present the opt-in option to your customers when you’re selling your product or service to them. You can use a station with a computer or tablet to quickly collect the customer’s name, phone number and consent to receive text-message updates from your company.

How do I customize my message?

Company representatives can customize messages under the text message template. Text messages are standard 160 characters, so it’s important to keep messages short and direct to avoid sending two messages. You can also send a test text message to a direct phone number to ensure the text appears on the mobile device the way you intended.  

What happens if a customer replies to my message?

If a customer replies to your message, they’ll get an automated response with an option to opt out. The same message will also direct them to a main number where they can contact your business.  

Incentives and rewards

You want your customers to write reviews and you also want them to return for more business. By implementing a review rewards program, you can get both. If customers leave a review, perhaps you offer a 10-percent discount on their next purchase. If customers leave three reviews on different review sites, perhaps they’re rewarded with a free gift. You can easily adjust the rewards to what your company can handle in order to encourage more customers to review your products and services.

Social media reviews

Similar to using the ReviewMaxer texting feature, social media makes leaving reviews easy for customers. Many people might already be tweeting your company with reviews or tagging your company in Facebook posts. It’s important for your company to be active on social media. Responding to customers who leave reviews and sharing those reviews will create relationships with your customers.

Social media reviews are also beneficial to your company because they allow potential customers to easily check out your product or service, which can lead to more business.  

Facebook has made it especially easy for people to leave reviews under the “review” tab on its business pages. Customers can leave a rating out of five stars and leave comments underneath. To boost your online reputation, you need five-star reviews to attract new customers; you should also address problems noted in lower-star reviews that potential customers will see.

ReviewMaxer is a great tool for your business to collect and manage your customers’ online reviews. You can also post or stream positive reviews directly to your website and social media channels. Try our demo today to see how easily and efficiently you can protect and improve your online reputation.

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Written by: Jordan McCrary


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