5 steps to add the Review Stream to your website

Note that you must have the Review Monitoring add-on to configure your page according to these instructions.

  1. Change your layout to “Review First.”

This layout will allow you to exclusively collect feedback directly on your landing page without first sending reviewers to a third-party site (you don’t need to add any third-party review site links to use the Review First layout). Navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Setup > Branding and Design, then click the Change button under Review Funnel Layout.

Select the Review First layout.

Click Update Setup to save your changes.

This layout sends an email alert whenever someone submits a new review, allowing to you keep on top of what your customers are saying and to follow up with any issues or grievances. Add more recipient addresses in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Notifications.

Optionally, you can customize the text in the layout in Dashboard > Funnel > Content.

  1. Manually add old/existing testimonials.

Review Monitoring is required for this step. If you don’t have any existing testimonials to add, skip to step 3.

Review Monitoring allows you to manually add existing testimonials to your Review Stream. This feature is useful for importing old website testimonials, written testimonials, testimonials received via email, etc.

Navigate to Dashboard > Reviews and click the Add a Review Manually button.

Select a star rating, add a date and attribution and then type or copy and paste your review.

Press Submit Review to finish and add the testimonial to your Review Stream.

  1. Use your landing page at the point of sale.

The Review First layout is the best option for collecting testimonials in your place of business. Consider setting up a dedicated kiosk (e.g., an iPad) for point-of-sale testimonial collection. Once you’ve set up a kiosk, establish a protocol for your employees to engage customers with the kiosk.

  1. Add the Review Stream to your website.

The Review Stream embeddable widget allows you to display all your latest and greatest positive feedback on your website. By default, the stream displays your 4- and 5-star reviews.

To embed your Review Stream, navigate to Dashboard > Widgets > Review Stream. Copy the provided embed code and paste in the appropriate place on your website. You can also embed the Review Stream on your Facebook page by following these instructions. If you use WordPress, you can also use the Review Stream plugin.

Alternately, you can copy and paste testimonials directly onto your website. Access these at any time in Dashboard > Reviews. If you choose not to enable review monitoring, you can access your testimonials via email (an email is sent out whenever someone submits a testimonial).

  1. Continue collecting testimonials.

Use our automated email drip campaigns (set this up in Dashboard > Invites) or a simple link to your landing page URL in your email signature to continuously ask your customers for testimonials.

You may also consider embedding the Review Us button or landing page widget on your website.

ReviewMaxer is an affordable and easy-to-use system to manage your company’s online reviews and reputation. Use ReviewMaxer to promote your positive reviews and interact with your customers to resolve negative reviews. Sign up today for your free demo.



5 steps to starting your review management campaign

This guide is for restaurants, retailers and similar storefront businesses. It offers step-by-step instructions for getting your landing page and review campaign up and running.

  1. Find your major review site listings across the web.

Once you’ve created your account and logged in to your dashboard, automatically search and load in links for your business’s existing listings across the most important major review sites by clicking the Connect a Location button in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Review Profile.

These review site listings (on sites like Google+ and Facebook) are arguably the most important to your business’s visibility and reputation on the internet and are almost always the most worthwhile place to collect reviews. Not only are these major sites the most visited by your potential customers, they also affect your visibility and presentation in search engines.

  1. Find your industry-specific review site listings across the web.

While major review sites are the most important for your business’s SEO and overall reputation, smaller industry-specific review sites are still valuable channels for gathering new customers. You may want to consider creating or seeking out existing listings on the following review sites (we integrate with all of the sites mentioned):

As always, if there’s a review site for your industry that you’d like to see included, please feel free to get in touch with us.

  1. Hand out printed review invites at the point of sale.

We offer several tools to drive customers to your landing page, including printed invites. Printed invites are uniquely useful in a storefront business environment. Here are a few ideas for incorporating our printed invites into your workflow:

  • Include with the bill at the end of a meal.
  • Attach to a receipt.
  • Leave in a business card holder at the cash register/host table.
  • Place in the bag at checkout.
  • Include in customer mailings.

Note that we offer the proofing and printing of these cards in-house and at cost; you may want to experiment with creating similar invitations with your existing printer or finding additional ways to incorporate your landing page URL into your business literature.

If you keep an email list, you might also consider using our drip campaigns or your email software to send a review invitation to your customers via email.

  1. Optional: Monitor your reviews across sites and keep tabs on what people are saying about you.

It’s important to take a proactive approach to managing your online reputation. Our optional Review Monitoring add-on allows you to keep an eye on what people are saying about your business across the internet. You’ll receive email alerts whenever you receive a new review on any third-party site listing you’ve loaded into your account so that you can take quick action if needed.

  1. Adjust your campaign as needed.

Review acquisition is a long-term commitment – and one worth doing aboveboard and authentically. You may find that the most important review sites for your business change over time. We encourage you to make adjustments as you go. You can reorder, hide, show, edit and delete your review site links at any time (you can perform all of these actions in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links).

With so many people trusting review sites to help them choose restaurants and other retailers, creating a strong reputation online is extremely important. It can be overwhelming trying to manage customer reviews. When you use software like ReviewMaxer to manage your reviews, it’s easy to protect and even improve your online reputation.

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4 ways ReviewMaxer helps you increase and manage your online reviews

For many people, the first step in the buying process is to read product reviews on Amazon. With the increase in online shopping, online product reviews are more valuable than ever before, and Amazon has become the benchmark for consumers looking to read reviews. According to Marketing Land, 44 percent of buyers go directly to Amazon to start their product searches, compared to 34 percent who use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

So, what separates you from the competition? Five-star ratings and raving customer reviews.

Consumers love online reviews.

A study by BrightLocal shows 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and industry experts expect this trend to increase in the coming years. Conversely, four out of five consumers reverse their purchase decisions after reading negative reviews.

With the significant rise in Amazon Prime users, you need to ensure your products are receiving favorable reviews – on Amazon as well as other review websites. Online customer review management software, like ReviewMaxer, helps you manage your customer reviews easily and efficiently – and even increases positive reviews for your company and products.

  1. ReviewMaxer allows you to proactively invite satisfied customers to write a positive review.

Research shows that when asked, seven out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business. ReviewMaxer’s easy-to-use dashboard provides you with a simple way to text or email customers, obtain positive feedback and increase your favorable online reviews on Amazon and other important social media sites.

  1. Online reviews shape how people perceive brands.

The more social proof – or social influence – your brand has, the better your online reputation and brand image. ReviewMaxer allows you to share your positive Amazon reviews on all your social media channels and on your website, aiding in organic SEO and ranking.

Positive online reviews influence what customers think they should say when providing their own personal feedback. If a business has 200 reviews with an average rating of four stars, consumers think, “This business is well-liked and has great reviews; I’ll say something positive.”

  1. ReviewMaxer helps you manage and respond to reviews.

To rise above the competition, you must effectively manage your online reviews. ReviewMaxer lets you know when and where your customers are talking about your product and allows you to quickly respond to feedback, both positive and negative. Managing online reviews will help you improve the customer experience, both for those who commented and those seeking reviews on your products.

  1. You can maximize your social proof by engaging positive reviews.

Just like you would for an in-person compliment, you should offer your thanks online too. Expressing your gratitude for online reviews is further evidence of a positive online reputation. It shows you care and are thankful for all your customers.

Respond to all comments in a reasonable time. You want to address negative comments quickly, and it’s equally important to reinforce positive reviews in a timely manner.

Request a ReviewMaxer demo to see how you can harness the power of positive online reviews with Amazon and social media sites.

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Written by: Karen Schexnayder


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